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How much did Drizly sell for?

How much did Drizly sell for?

Uber has acquired Drizly, the alcohol delivery service, in a $1.1 billion deal, the ride-hailing company said on Tuesday. The acquisition is part of Uber’s aggressive push to expand its booming delivery business during the pandemic.

How much does Drizly make?

The typical Drizly Delivery Driver salary is $13 per hour.

Who owns Drizly?


Type of site Private
Founder(s) Justin Robinson Spencer Frazier Nick Rellas
CEO Cory Rellas
Industry Retail
Services Alcohol E-Commerce

How much did uber pay for Drizly?

SAN FRANCISCO & BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Uber Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: UBER) and Drizly today announced that they have reached an agreement for Uber to acquire Drizly for approximately $1.1 billion in stock and cash.

Is Drizly owned by Uber?

It’s not surprising, then, to learn that Uber has agreed to acquire alcohol delivery service Drizly for approximately $1.1 billion in stock and cash. Drizly has a presence in over 1,400 U.S. cities.

Who owns Uber?

Travis Kalanick continues to shrink his holding in Uber Technologies. The co-founder and former chief executive officer of the ride-hailing firm sold 6.1 million shares since Thursday for $US171 million ($250 million), according to a regulatory filing.

Is Drizly legal?

So, is Drizly legal? Yes, in fact, during the entire shopping experience, Drizly never touches any alcoholic beverage you order.

Does Drizly pay their drivers?

The liquor store owner determines your income: There are no set Drizly salaries. It’s entirely up to the store or the subcontractor who works with Drizly to determine driver rates.

What did uber buy today?

SAN FRANCISCO — Uber said Tuesday it has acquired alcohol delivery service Drizly, the latest purchase for the ride-hailing company as it aggressively diversifies its business after a pandemic-related plummet in rides.

Why is uber buying Drizly?

The purchase could help drive people to use Uber’s app more often. Uber Eats has been a key segment to Uber’s business amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which has dramatically reduced the number of people leaving their homes.