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Kimia: A Premium Ad Network that Generates over 6 Billion Monthly Clicks

There are many valid reasons why you should choose an  premium ad network whether you are looking to advertise a product/service or monetize traffic from your website. Such premium and closed networks deliver results. Kimia is one of the best examples that uses sophisticated technology, dedicated account management, and regular optimization to help you achieve your goals.

What Does Kimia Offer Advertisers?

Kimia’s network generates more than 6 billion clicks a month. Advertisers are not only able to get access to such a vast network, they also get access to flexibility and high targeting. You can choose how you want the ad model to work – should it be CPM, CPA, CPS,  or CPL, or CPI. The traffic is generated from targeted web sources based on your focused niche.

Some of the main features of Kimia’s network for advertisers include the following:

  • Reach Kimia’s global network of carefully vetted and safe publisher network.
  • Choose from a wide range of ad formats for the best format that works for your business model.
  • Access a wide range of traffic sources providing complete global coverage.
  • Kimia uses advanced technology that allows advertisers to target at finite level including mobile or desktop, device,  and carrier, browser, city/zipcode, language, operating system and time of daylevel.
  • You will have precision control over your budget and all stats will be delivered to the dashboard in real time.
  • Kimia also provides dedicated account management through committed account managers.
  • Kimia provides fraude detection technology permitting only quality traffic to your offers.
  • Premium advertisers also get to access its standard data.

What Does Kimia Offer Webmasters?

Kimia’s vast and high-quality ad network allows optimal monetization of both mobile and desktopnon-mobile  globally providing 100% fill rate. sites and drives over 9 million sales events in a month. There is global campaign coverage and all traffic segments and geographies can be monetized. The company claims that at least a thousand active advertisers  clients are active on its network at any given time. Its campaigns bring together the best of unlimited budgets and optimal performance to ensure that webmasters’ inventory is fully occupied with highest eCPMs.

The main features include the following:

  • Its mobile ad units are SEO-safe, including traditional ad units such as banners, pop-unders, mobile redirects, and interstitials, as well as smart ad-formats such as notification bar, in-video, sticky banners and more. .
  • There is no need for having a mobile optimized site to become part of the network. There is You will get access to a dedicate team for campaign compliance to ensure your traffic is delivered to adequate and safe advertisers.
  • Kimia has a proprietary anti-ad blocking system allowing webmasters to monetize 100% of their traffic and take back the increasingly growing number of adblocked traffic. .
  • Kimia has a 100% fill rate across all segments and geographies.
  • The ad network delivers some of the highest eCPMs values in the industry. There is unlimited advertising budget and a highly competitive bidding system.

Webmasters also get access of Kimia’s sophisticated technology solutions. The real-time stats can be accessed from the dashboard. There is automatic optimization of eCPM.

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Demand Side Platform

Kimia provides a self-managing platform so that marketers can purchase and optimize across desktop/mobile campaigns using sophisticated technologies and tools. This ensures that your campaign delivers optimal performance every time.

Some of the main features of Kimia’s sophisticated self-serve demand side platform include the following:

  • Its AdServing services make it a real-time platform that works without any third-party ad-server.
  • Access to targeted niche helps ensure high-quality traffic is generated.
  • You can generate unlimited inventory from best SSPs. There is no need for speed-enhancement for the high traffic volumes.
  • Access to dedicated account managers means your campaigns are analyzed and optimized. You will also get tips and information about market trends so that you can get the best returns.
  • Advanced targeting options allow you to target device, carrier, geographies and segments. Generate high ROI by reaching your target audience.
  • Kimia offers multi-device reach for advertisers at the global level. You can reach your the target audience wherever they are and on whatever device they are. Ad formats for both desktop and mobile are covered.
  • Mobile ad formats target native, mobile web and app. Both native and display ad formats are covered for desktop.
  • Kimia also provides total control over your advertising budget. Once you have set the budget, the platform will ensure that the right bid is placed. Once your campaign kicks-off, there is no need to regularly check the stats. Although real time stats are available at just a click, you will also get alerts on your campaign’s performance.
  • Kimia’s ad network is safe for both advertisers and publishers. The network uses industry-leading safety systems to prevent crawlers, bots and cloakers off it. You will also find your brand safe while being present only on high-quality and verified websites.

Kimia also ensures an uptime of 100%. So you will never have to worry that your campaign is not performance.


Kimia is an emerging online media company that has vast stakes in the mobile services industry. It is founded and driven by experienced professionals with backgrounds in the mobile industry. The team comprises of over 130 a hundred professionals from all across the world. It has offices in Europe, China and India and enables a true global reach without any boundaries. Only a limited number of applications are allowed to join this network, ensuring its safety and premium standards and high targeting capabilities.