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How to Market Your Business with Webinars?

Today 3 out of 5 marketers are already using webinars within their content marketing strategies. If you are not, you are losing your competitive edge. Webinars are unique and effective ways to market your business, build your brand, and boost your leads.

What are Webinars Actually?

‘Webinar’ stands for web-based seminars. These can be in different forms which are transmitted online with the help of a web conferencing software or Webinar Software. The transmission is done online in real time and the different forms can be:

  • Presentation
  • Product demos
  • Discussions

Webinars are different from webcasts because they allow 2-way interaction and communication. Such a software can also enable sharing more assets like video, screen sharing, and file transfers.

So how can you use webinars to market your business? Here are 8 ways to help you with:

How to Market Your Business with Webinars?

1. Hosting Demos

You can use webinars to host demos for promoting your products or services. There are 2 main ways demos can help:

  • Showing your product features to your prospects. It is far better to provide a demo by someone who knows how to use the product than giving a free trial.
  • Showing customers who have already purchased the product how to get more out of it.

Live demos can help promote your products in a far better and effective way.

2. Create a Landing Page for a Webinar

Webinars can be so powerful and sought after that many person who miss them want to watch them whenever they can. You can build a landing page dedicated to a specific webinar so that such people can watch the recording.

You can also provide resources which were referenced during the webinar.

3. Use Webinars to Announce New Product Releases

Press release is the traditional ways to announce a new product release. It is effective, but to a limit and in the ways you can reach your audience.

However, things are different with a webinar. The product can be launched live. You can demonstrate its features and also take questions and feedback.

There are tens of thousands or even millions of people who will not be able to go to a store to check your product in person. The Ultimate Slide Bundle for Business

4. Build Reputation

It is a proven concept in marketing that people prefer buying from an expert they can trust! Educational webinars can help you establish your expertise and build a reputation.

This type of webinar doesn’t essentially need you to promote your products, but your knowledge. So when those people are going to think of buying your product, they will remember you.

5. Align Experts Speakers

How to Market Your Business with Webinars?

It is as if there’s no limit to what you can do with webinars. You can also align with expert speakers to create more effective webinars.

When you decide what topic you’ll focus on, reach out to the experts in the field and invite them as speakers. When established industry experts become associated with your brand, it will help in drawing more attention. Your webinar will look even more informative and useful.

Remember, this technique can help your webinars look less promotional and more informative, thus adding more value.

6. Reach Out Using Social Media

A typical Webinar Software will allow recording sessions and download so that you can edit them. You can thus edit key parts of your webinars and post them the mini-sessions in your social network.

Remember, such smaller videos have very good potential of going viral.

7. Create Excitement

A good thing about webinars is that you can use several channels to increase sign-ups and attendance.

You can build anticipation leading up to the event using various tools, articles, and tips as to what the attendees can expect. You can use many strategies to keep the event on top of their minds.

Thus, you can create excitement and make your audience eager to attend.

8. Follow-ups

How to Market Your Business with Webinars?

Your webinars don’t end with the event. Many attendees will want to see the recording. So make sure to integrate your Webinar Software with your email marketing tool.

Use software that allows you to transfer your list of sign-ups and attendees to your email marketing program. Segment the list so that you send out relevant emails. These categories can also be created based on the following user actions:

  • Asked a question
  • Attended
  • Did not attend
  • Raised hand for product demo
  • Lead
  • Customer

And much more!

When you segment your list based on lead versus customer, you can add call to action within your follow-up emails and landing pages for your leads, not your customers.

Marketing Your Webinars

There are so much more ways to market your webinars for brand building and to Increase sales with webinars. Similar to other types of content, you should promote your webinars to get more attendees and to generate the better response.

Here are some of the most effective ways to promote your webinars:

  • Create Blog Posts – Create blog posts to market your webinars. Share such posts in your social network and promote using email.
  • Promote on Social Media – Your webinars should be shared on all your social network. Make sure to keep pushing until the last moment. In fact, you will notice a surge in sign-ups in the last couple of days before the event.
  • PPC Campaigns – You can even run a PPC campaign to market your webinars. This is however only when your budget allows it. In fact, you can also run an SEO campaign. SEO doesn’t have to cost you as much because you can run the campaign yourself.
  • Email Marketing – Email reminders can be highly effective in increasing sign-ups and attendees. Make sure to send reminders 1 day and 1 hour before the webinar. You can also announce it to your email list while ensuring that you are not annoying anyone.

So follow the above-mentioned 8 methods to use webinars for promoting your business. The online marketing scenario always keeps evolving. Webinar is a powerful tool and can help you achieve many things which were not as easier. If you are not already using it, it’s time to start using the right Webinar Software.