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10 Best SEO Tips For Your WordPress Blog

Creating engaging and fresh content will certainly keep your followers hooked but there are ways in which you can improve your SEO at the same time with no additional cost.

The idea is tweaking the same content to attract the search engine bots. Here’s a list of 10 WordPress blogging tips that can help you improve your blog.

10 Best SEO Tips For Your WordPress Blog

  1. Choosing The Right Theme

WordPress was primarily launched as a blogging platform. Consequently, bloggers get to choose from a variety of themes and designs that go with their genre of content.

If you are really looking to integrate SEO into the context, choose from the options which are popular and SEO friendly.

This would range from the standard elements like headers to your blog being lightweight and easy on the server.

Fewer/optimized images, a small coding framework, a W3C compliant code and you would be doing well.

  1. Adjusting Link Structure

Link structures of your WordPress blog play a direct role in indexing the content for search engines. If you understand the nuances of Permalinks, this tip gets easier.

Though WordPress allows a great deal of flexibility with permalinks, you can always navigate to the Settings>Permalinks and make it easier for the audience and the search engine.

  1. Using Sitemaps

Both your audience and Google bots use the site map to get a clearer description of the content on your site.

The sitemap is the page that tells search engines where to look for specific content.

It would be a great idea if you can use Google Sitemap generator instead of manually creating it.

Further, tools like Google Sitemap generator plugin automatically detect new pages whenever they are added and make it easier for the bots to crawl them.

  1. Alt Text For Images

Alt texts and image names are great options to add to your WordPress SEO.

WordPress plug-ins like SEO Friendly Images automatically add an alt text to your images in context to the rest of the content.

  1. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are the newest addition to WordPress SEO wherein you can choose to display the content of your site in a hierarchical structure.

The Breadcrumb plugin allows search engines to understand your website structure, and also allow the visitors to navigate easily through your site.

  1. Doing Away With URL Stop Words

Words like “in”, “and”, etc are often a part of blog titles but don’t necessarily hold any SEO significance.

They can actually dilute the value of the page URL. Plugins like SEO Slugs can help you remove these redundant words and make the most of your title tag and the Permalink.

  1. Effective Keyword Tagging

Using proper keywords is perhaps the most important element of a WordPress blog SEO.

However, you need to ensure that they are neither overdone, nor underutilized.

Successful bloggers have been using plugins like Keyword Tool for Adwords (by Google) and Word tracker Keyword Tool to understand the recommended keyword density.

  1. SEO Plugins

Plugins like All in One SEO Packs take care of a whole bunch of SEO related tactics concerned with your blog.

SEO plugins are a great way to optimize your blog without investing extra time to the same.

  1. www vs. non-www

You can actually make a choice between the two and it can add to your WordPress SEO optimization.

  1. Quality Content

While all of the above are SEO tricks for the search engine bots mostly, quality content will rule any day.

You can even skip a few of the above if you are confident of your content.

For instance you can use the plugin My Curator in order to curate your content on wordpress.

      11. Using of Right SEO Tools

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Ranking high in search engines requires a lot of work. All of us are conversant with the benefits of SEO but many blog owners find it difficult to focus both on quality content and SEO at the same time.

It is always advisable to use proper SEO techniques with unique content to make your website standout amongst the rest.