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5 Fun Jobs to Consider in the Media Industry

The media industry has always been an exciting place to work, and there are many options when it comes to what you can do. It’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice for people deciding on a new career. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most fun and exciting media jobs on offer.


A journalist writes factual news stories for magazines and newspapers. This profession also includes reporters for television stations covering the news or documentaries. The job usually involves investigating, interviewing people, and fact-checking. Afterwards, they put together a story for people to read.

It’s a great job if you love travelling, as journalists often get the opportunity to visit places others normally don’t. This makes it an excellent job to have.

Digital Marketer

When you work as a digital marketer, you’re using the online world to market to your target audience. You can do this using blog articles about your products, or social media posts. This job requires you to be aware of which online platforms your audience uses.

It’s a fun job because you can clearly see the results of your efforts based on the number of people clicking on your content, or even completing purchases based on your analytics tools.


A cinematographer is the head of the camera and lighting crew on a movie set. They create the look, lighting, and filters for every shot. This type of work takes films from script to screen, bringing to life the beautiful visuals you see in your favourite movies.

If you love on screen imagery but don’t want to make movies, you could also consider a career in graphic design. This is the type of imagery you can see in slot games at online casinos like


It takes a special type of eye and talent to capture the emotions of a specific moment in time. A good photographer is able to take pictures that evoke some sort of emotional response when you see them.

It’s a great job for those who are attracted to visual stimulation and comes with the bonus of potential worldwide travel.

Public Relations Specialist

Your role as a public relations specialist is to give the organization that you work for a positive image in the eyes of the general public. They work closely with the media to publish well-crafted press releases about what businesses are up to, and to shape public opinions.

It’s an exciting job as you get the opportunity to attend many events and meet new people. You might even get the chance to network and meet some celebrities, depending on what industry your organization is in.


If you have a creative eye, the media industry could easily be the right place for you. And the careers don’t end with those mentioned above – those who love to draw might consider becoming an illustrator, while those who love to talk could become radio presenters or podcaster. There’s no shortage of space for any type of creative talent.