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7 Coolest SEO-Related Stuff to Buy on Amazon

If you’ve had even minimal exposure to doing business online, then you must be aware of the SEO and how great an impact it has on your revenue. With this in mind, we’d like you to take a look at the choice of top 7 coolest SEO related products to be had on Amazon that we prepared in concert with our dear friends from Spend Rush.

SEO 2017 by Adam Clark

Very helpful book for professionals and for beginners. You will enjoy this reading and find that it covers all the basic information about SEO technology and also, highlights the most important things related to digital business. What makes this book so good is the section that covers a theme with the good and bad advice you can find on the internet.

7 Coolest SEO-Related Stuff to Buy on Amazon

Credit: i.kinja

The Internet is full of useless information and the author, Adam Clark wants to demolish that circle.  If you’re into SEO business, you have to be updated and this book will cover all the updates: Penguin 4.0, Possum updated, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Interstitial update. Also, you will find out how to recover from Google penalties faster than ever.

SEO Fitness Workbook 2016

This book by Jason McDonald is currently the best-selling SEO book on Amazon with very good reviews. This 2016 edition covers all the updates related to SEO, Social marketing, content writing and link building. Very good thing about this edition is its multimedia. Inside the book, you will find free SEO tools and videos that will practically show you how to step up in the big league and increase your public and beat all the ranking.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about any sort of complications while reading – the language is simple and the explanations are simplified. The main reason for that is the way Jason McDonald talks about SEO – by following few basic steps for the successful business.

SEO For Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers & Entrepreneurs

Collaboration between John Jantsch, one of the best marketing sales, and Phil Singleton, SEO expert, came out with successful results. Different from any other SEO guide, because it has been written for web designers and entrepreneurs, not only for SEO experts. That’s the main reason this edition attracted so many different groups of people.

Starting from marketers, startup companies and all the way to digital business. Many tips and advice that you can find in this book will help you to grow your company from start.  You’ll be fired up by this book! Don’t forget to look for bonus offer: go to and download free 3-eBook bonus pack.

Everybody Writes: Your Go-to Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

This is the excellent book with a touch of satirical tone in it. Ann Handley, an author of this book, really knows how to recognize the most important values in today’s marketing and online business. Blogging is one of the most present forms of social and digital communication. The real problem is, former values have been lost, the author said. It’s time to get them back and learn how to write the most powerful content you’ll ever read. This book isn’t only for those wanting to learn content marketing, but also for business who wants to be updated.

Everybody wants to have the best presentation on their website, but only a few know how to achieve that. In this book, you will find some of the best advice and examples of good and quality content everybody’s looking for. This story is told with lots of warmth and compassion, through pen one of the top 20 women bloggers, cited by Forbes.

Local SEO (Marketing Guides for Small Businesses)

Can you find a better way to grow your company than going local? Ray L. Perry, an author of this book, will show you some of the most important tricks for small business entrepreneurs.

You will find out why online platforms are so important for your business today; how to get more customers by connecting and representing through popular websites; what Local SEO is and how it will help you to increase your reputation with less effort. Sometimes your business plan can’t be enough because a market is in constant change. These authors will give you some fundamental truths about marketing, SEO and start up business.

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Seo 2017: Search Engine Optimization for 2017

You thought that you knew everything about SEO? Think again! Because this book, by Dr. Christopher Nash, will show you that SEO isn’t always about technical things, algorithms, and marketing. It’s also about creativity and imagination. The importance of every detail in your business is number one. The way you create your business is the way customers will see it, that’s why strategic approach Christopher Nash provided is one of the tops.

Besides that, this book will guide you through some basic of SEO and possibilities to rank your website by using the right keywords and proper tools. This book is not just the usual guide. Starting from the basics of SEO, ranking and link building explanations, Christopher Nash explores myths and facts about digital marketing from the beginning and goes into the future giving the reader updates from day to day.

Semantic SEO 2016

Development of the SEO technology is rapid. Entrepreneurs and businessmen around the globe have so far been directed to the most basic of Search Engine Optimizations and its preferences and features. This book, written by The Seo was Team, will show you the transition from the basic type of search – by choosing the right keyword, to semantic SEO, the newest update. It’s about a possibility to search using a logical sentence, combining them in the right order, instead of choosing certain keywords.

One of the best features of this book is explanations about programs such as Apologise, for quality content, and Google Panda 4.1, for better ranking.  Starting from the basic of SEO, affiliate marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and social sharing and advertising up to Semantic SEO and techniques about creation G+ pages and profiles. You will also learn more about Adsense and Google updates, possibilities to rank your site higher on search engines, metrics, and algorithms. Seo was Team really covered it all. I think that this book will be helpful to beginners and also to the professional businessman who is interested in setting their business high.