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9 Most Popular Productivity Extensions for Chrome

The browser market has always been competitive with IE and Firefox dominating the browser space in the initial online years. In 2008, Google launched Chrome and it changed the world.Today, Chrome holds as much as 63.47% of the desktop browser market share globally as per StatCounter.

Firefox and others are a distant away, trying to stay in the arena and the competition looks extremely fierce to induce a fight.More than the features, it is the user experience for an average internet user these days that drive his browser preference. Browser companies too have acknowledged the fact and have shifted their focus on speed and performance rather than making it feature-rich.

Chrome is also the market leader with 47.98% of share in Mobile and Tablet browser market. The last 5 years have seen exponential rise in mobile users with more people accessing internet from Mobile devices. Businesses world-wide have even adopted the app-alone strategy seeing the rise in the trend.

With Chrome gaining huge popularity in the recent years, it isn’t surprising to see numerous extensions on Playstore.We know that plugins or add-ons are simple softwares that add specific functionality or a feature to a computer program but little do we know that they can be an effective means to increase our day-to-day productivity.

Experts believe there are other factors too that determine our productivity levels but using these extensions over a period of time certainly helps us to be organized and methodical. In turn, it can have a positive impact on the amount of work we do.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular productivity extensions for Chrome

9 Most Popular Productivity Extensions for Chrome