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Can you install a vanity light without a junction box?

Can you install a vanity light without a junction box?

You can’t install a light fixture without a junction box, but the fact that there’s no box at the spot where you want to install the light doesn’t mean you can’t install the light. It anchors to the back of the drywall and can support a fixture that weighs as much as 10 pounds.

How hard is it to change a bathroom light fixture?

Replacing it is not hard. Before you start the job, be sure to take these safety precautions: Switch off and tape off (or lock out) the breaker to any circuit being worked (turning off the wall switch is not enough as someone could inadvertently switch it back).

How to install a new vanity light fixture?

Tools 1 TURN POWER OFF. Turn off the power at the service panel. 2 REMOVE THE BULBS AND MOUNTING BRACKET. Remove the bulbs from the existing fixture and remove the decorative plate from the light mounting bracket. 3 ATTACH THE NEW MOUNTING PLATE. 4 ATTACH THE NEW VANITY LIGHT FIXTURE. …

How to size a bathroom vanity Bar Light over a mirror?

A light that is too large can cause a glare and one that is too small will not properly illuminate the room or your face. Measure the width of the mirror and write the measurement down. Measure the space between the mirror and the ceiling. If it isn’t a large space, you must be certain that there is room for the fixture.

How to move light fixture over on bathroom wall?

To move the light fixture box over we have to make sure there is enough wire connected to the vanity light rough in box before moving light fixtures over. Make sure you have the proper depth light fixture outlet can and place it on the drywall in the spot where you want to install your vanity lights and trace it out.

How do you hook up a bar fixture to a wall?

Wrap the connection with electrical tape as you did with the neutral wires. Fold the wires and tuck them out of the way so they do not stick out beyond the mounting bracket, and slide the bar fixture over the bolts on the mounting bracket so that it is flush against the wall.