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Choose and Stick with Your True Platform

Bloggers are transforming their blogs into and offering many different platforms to please many. These different platforms are writing, audio, and video. Surely there is a trend of going to audio and/or video. But, do you really need to expand to these platforms? Do you just need to up your game and market your platform better?

Starting a blog has many different thoughts and elements involved where you have to make a choice. The big one being of course what niche you are going to cover or if it’s just going to be an on-going journal of your thoughts. Another key element is choosing the right platform your blog.

Choose and Stick with Your True Platform

Are you going to be writing, recording audio, or going in front of a camera?

Yes, we could do all. This is certainly the trend to do all to apply to many different audiences. Heck, I talked about how internet broadcasting is the next big wave, but this doesn’t mean you have to listen to me or apply your blog to this platform. Yes, others are doing so but that is because they are either determined or feel comfortable expanding, recording, and/or being in front of a camera.

Going to talk about why you should stick with your true platform and think twice about expanding into multiple platforms.

Thoughts Behind Expanding

Expanding leads to newer and better possibilities, right?! This is of course when the process or idea is smart and fits with your expansion plan.

We choose to expand our blogs because either A we see others doing the same and feel we need to compete or B we want to adapt to the new changes or follow any trends. Remember we are talking about expanding into other or different platforms on how we offer our content to our readers, listeners, or viewers.

Instead of thinking either A or B, above, think about why it would be in the best interest for you and your blog’s future to expand or to not expand.

I know I tell you to stick to one, but the true importance comes down to you not expanding just to expand.

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Do You Know What You’re Doing?

A humorous but very honest and true question. Many of us think we know what we are doing but a majority of the time we find ourselves following trends, do what our competition is doing, and not looking back on where and why we started our blogs.

I’ve heard podcasts that are boring and suck. I’ve seen far too many videos by bloggers that are frankly exhausting to watch and would rather just read the transcript or at least just listen to the audio.

We need to know what we are doing. If we know what we are doing and suck in the beginning, please learn and improve. But, if this continues to suck or not go the way you imagined go back to start and see what got you there. I’ve told so many people to think about what they stand for and why they truly want to accomplish. Don’t think about how to do something, think more in terms of why and the how will become clearer.

Don’t worry if you can rock out in writing, audio, and video or whatever you expand to. You rock, but still think about the “why” for the expansion.

If You Could Only Pick One

Decision time!

Ask yourself:

If you could only pick one platform (writing, audio, or video) what would it be for your blog?

  • Would you just write because that’s where you started out or is that what your readers find the best? Offer a survey to your readers to find the underlying truth.
  • Would you just record audio because you see a trend or do you see more benefits to offer this platform to your community? Surely you can offer transcripts but that’s not the point.
  • Would you just go in front of a camera and press record because video is becoming very popular or are you entertaining/enjoyable to watch and video just fits with your kind of content/message? Won’t know until you test it out and gather the responses.

I ask to only pick one to get your mind focused on what platform is your true platform for yourself, your blog, and your community.

Being the Best

Ultimately it comes down you portraying your content in a way that best fits with your DNA.

We want our content to be understood, full of thought and good takeaways, and be shared and spread to others. This will only succeed if you be the best in whatever platform you do choose. As I previously mentioned, you can rock out in all platforms but the purpose of this article is to get you thinking about the true why of why you are on the platform(s) you are on or plan on expanding to.

Instead of expanding to other platforms you probably just need to make the platform your working with better.

Truly think about how your DNA, message, and community will have the greatest advantage. That’s your true platform. It doesn’t hurt to experiment, just know why.