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Does Hooters have unlimited wings?

Does Hooters have unlimited wings?

Hooters also has unofficially dubbed Joey Chestnut as its All You Can Eat spokesperson, honoring him with an entire lifetime’s worth of Hooters wings. Joey will have access to unlimited wings until he retires or spontaneously combusts . . . whichever comes first!

Does Hooters still do half off appetizers?

The new late night half price appetizer menus are available every night from 10 p.m. until close at Hooters locations across the U.S. Hooters late night menus feature a half-price deal on select signature Hooters appetizers items, such as fried pickle chips and Buffalo chicken sliders.

Does Hooters still have wings day?

The Wingsday deal is now available every Wednesday at the more than 355 Hooters restaurant locations across the United States.

What are the Happy Hour Specials at Hooters?

HOOTERS HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS. From burgers to ribs and everything in between, hooters is the perfect place for some good food, be it a full blown meal or just a snack. Their trademark hot wings come with several different levels of seasoning, and have been enjoyed for decades by the endless stream of customers coming through their doors.

How much are boneless wings at Hooters for Mondays?

For Mondays special you can enjoy as many boneless wings as you can eat for only $11.99! Considering these are the trademark food served in hooters, it’s a great promotion well worth taking advantage of!

When is the best time to see a Hooters manager?

We have a long tradition of giving back to the communities we live and work in, and enjoy sponsoring charity events. Please contact the general manager of the Hooters in your city to discuss involvement. The best time to see a manager is from 3-4 p.m. Monday – Thursday. Are Hooters Girls available to attend promotions, company events, etc.?

Are there any Waitresses that work at Hooters?

People do not who work there tend to have a certain impression of the waitresses who are employed at Hooters, but there are actually a lot of things that the general public does not know about what working there is like. According to, there are a lot of myths about this that exist.