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How do you hang a staghorn plant?

How do you hang a staghorn plant?

Dampen the underside of the sheet moss lightly with water and wrap around base of the stag’s root ball until the roots and dirt are fully covered. Once fully wrapped, tie one end of the twine or fishing line around a nail and stretch it across the base of the fern to the nail on the opposite side.

How do you suspend a staghorn fern?

  1. An alternative hanging method is simply to wrap the staghorn fern’s root ball with chain, secure it with S-hooks and suspend it from excess chain around a tree limb, but this method tends to constrict the plant.
  2. Small staghorn ferns can grow in a galvanized metal basket with chains through the container’s eyelets.

What is the difference between Elkhorn fern and staghorn fern?

They are essentially ferns from moist forests in Eastern Australia. The easiest way to distinguish between the two types of fern is that elkhorns have many plants growing together in communities and they have smaller, slender fronds. Whereas staghorns tend to grow as larger individuals.

What’s the best way to mount a staghorn fern?

Select a large, hardwood board such as oak or mahogany to mount the staghorn fern. Paint or stain the mounting board if desired, but let the fumes dissipate before you mount the staghorn fern. Soak a large handful of sphagnum moss in a bowl of water. Leave the sphagnum moss in the water for a few hours, so that it’s saturated.

What kind of chain do you use to hang ferns?

In time, rope can become weathered and weak, so steel chain is preferred for large hanging plants ā€“ Ā¼ inch thick galvanized steel chain is usually used for chained staghorn fern plants. There are a few different ways of hanging a staghorn ferns with chains. Chains can be attached to wire or metal hanging baskets with ā€˜Sā€™ hooks.

What kind of wire do you use to mount a staghorn?

The wire mesh clipped to allow the staghorn’s leaves through. Staghorns are effectively 1/4 oval solids. That meant that at the bottom, once you trimmed off the side parts of the mesh, you wrapped the mesh around the bottom of the fern and affixed it like you had the side, as shown above.

How much does a staghorn fern plant weigh?

With mature plants weighing between 100-300 lbs (45.5 to 136 kg.), supporting a staghorn ferns with a chain soon becomes the sturdiest option. Staghorn fern plants grow best in part shade to shady locations.