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How much did Saw 1 cost to make?

How much did Saw 1 cost to make?

1.2 million USD

Who produced Saw?

Oren Koules
Gregg HoffmanMark Burg

What is the first Saw?

Saw was first screened on January 19, 2004, before being released in North America on October 29, 2004, by Lions Gate Films….Saw (2004 film)

Directed by James Wan
Screenplay by Leigh Whannell
Story by James Wan Leigh Whannell
Based on Saw by James Wan & Leigh Whannell

Was Saw made in Australia?

Saw (retroactively referred to as Saw 0.5) is an Australian short subject horror film, released in 2003. It was directed by James Wan and written by Wan and Leigh Whannell, the latter also starring in it. The full-length film was eventually made in 2004.

Why is Saw called saw?

The movie’s title came from Leigh Whannell’s journal entry. Thinking of what to call their horrific story idea wasn’t a problem for Wan and Whannell. Whannell recalled that as soon as Wan pitched him the idea over the phone he had the idea for a fitting title to the story.

Does Dr Gordon die?

Finally, Saw: The Final Chapter reveals that there’s more than one killer: turns out that Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes), the truant oncologist that John “tested” in the first Saw, is still alive. Yes, they do acknowledge that John Kramer died.

Who is the director of the movie saw?

Saw is a 2004 American horror film directed by James Wan. It is Wan’s feature film directorial debut. The screenplay, written by Leigh Whannell, is based on a story by Wan and Whannell.

When did the first saw movie come out?

Saw was first screened on January 19, 2004. Lionsgate picked up the rights and released the film in the United States and Canada on October 29, 2004. Critical responses were generally mixed and divided, but the film gained a cult following.

How much money did the movie saw make?

Saw came to gross $55.1 million in the United States and Canada and $47.9 million in other markets for a worldwide total of $103 million. It is the second lowest-grossing film in the series after Saw VI. At the time, it became the most profitable horror film after Scream (1996).

Where did James Wan and Leigh Whannell make saw?

After finishing film school in Australia, James Wan and Leigh Whannell started to work on their script for Saw, planning to finance the film themselves. This decision resulted in the rather minimalistic idea of having only a small, rather contained set with as few actors as possible.