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How much do Colorado state troopers make a year?

How much do Colorado state troopers make a year?

Colorado State Patrol Salaries

Job Title Salary
State Trooper salaries – 6 salaries reported $81,161/yr
Trooper salaries – 3 salaries reported $80,000/yr
Police Dispatcher salaries – 1 salaries reported $3,574/mo
Staff Support salaries – 1 salaries reported $55,000/yr

How long is the Colorado State Patrol Academy?

You will be given a formal offer of employment with the CSP after which you will be scheduled to attend the Colorado state trooper training academy near Denver for 22 weeks.

What does a Colorado state trooper do?

The CSP primarily enforces traffic laws on interstates and state highways, guards the state capitol and the Governor of Colorado.

Are state troopers higher than cops?

Unlike cops, who usually work for the city, or sheriffs, who work for the county, state troopers work for the state. They serve as highway patrol or as part of state-wide police agencies. Rangers, at least in the state-level-officer sense, are limited to Texas, where they’re the top of the state police force.

Who are the highest paid state troopers?

Best-Paying States for Patrol Officers

  • California. $105,220.
  • Alaska. $87,870.
  • New Jersey. $86,840.
  • Washington. $80,200.
  • Hawaii. $78,720.

Where do detectives make the most money?

Table 1. Highest-paying States for Detectives and Criminal Investigators (2020 Survey)

Rank State Average Salary i
1 Alaska $136,050
2 District of Columbia $133,330
3 Maryland $112,240
4 Hawaii $110,230

Which state has the highest paid state troopers?

Best-Paying States for Patrol Officers The states and districts that pay Patrol Officers the highest mean salary are California ($105,220), Alaska ($87,870), New Jersey ($86,840), Washington ($80,200), and Hawaii ($78,720).

How do I get a VIN inspection in Colorado?

Contact your local Colorado State Patrol Office for Colorado VIN Certification information. As of August 2nd, the fee for a certified VIN inspection is $50, cash or check only. No credit or debit cards. Salvage Titles: You must have all paperwork and receipts for repairs completed.

What guns do police use in Colorado?

In 1991, Colorado state troopers began carrying more firepower of their own: 9mm Smith & Wesson pistols, each equipped with three 15-round magazines. In 1998, the State Patrol followed the latest trend in police pistols, switching from the 9mm model to a larger caliber semiautomatic.

Does Colorado have a highway patrol?

Colorado State Patrol – CSP.

How old do you have to be to be a state trooper in Colorado?

For anyone looking to work as a Colorado state trooper, there are quite a few requirements to meet. Similar to becoming a police officer in the state, aspiring troopers must be at least 21 years old by the time of hire and must hold a high school diploma or GED.

What kind of Education do you need to become a state trooper?

Step 1: Earn an Undergraduate Degree. Though some states require only a high school diploma to become a state trooper, others require a minimum of an associate’s degree, or even a bachelor’s degree, in criminal justice or a related field.

What are the requirements to become a police officer in Colorado?

The Colorado POST minimum requirements state that candidates must: Hold Colorado driver’s license or state-issued ID card Have up-to-date first aid and CPR certificates or equivalents Be free of any felony convictions or disqualifying misdemeanors

How much does a Colorado State Trooper make?

Attend training and certification courses in technical law enforcement skills including, but not limited to: firearms, first aid/CPR, driving, use of force, arrest control and physical agility, and, Perform other duties as assigned. Learn more about the life of a Colorado State Patrol Cadet. STARTING CADET SALARY: $5,750 per month.