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InstaHeads: One-Stop Instagram Application for Reaching Your Target Audience

With over 600 million active users Instagram means much more than just a photo sharing network. What makes this site even more important is that it is continuing to grow and doesn’t seem to have achieved its full potential. Whether you are in the world of glam or simply looking to promote your products or services through the site, increasing your follower-count is the key to succeed. But it is not easy increasing your following on Instagram. It takes time and good tested strategy. This is where InstaHeads comes into the picture. It is a powerful and effective tool for reaching your targeted audience across Instagram and turning them into followers. It will help save you valuable time, increase organic likes, comments, and engagement.

InstaHeads is a free application and the company claims to keep it so forever.

So what makes InstaHeads an effective application for increasing your organic follower-count?

Features of InstaHeads

Here are the main features that make InstaHeads an effective tool for increasing your followers on Instagram.

Search Feature

InstaHeads has powerful search feature that allows you to find posts based on multiple hashtags. You can also conduct advanced search based on hashtags and locations while tracking tagged posts within specific locations.

InstaHeads also allows you to sort and preview based on multiple factors. You can sort by:

  • Followers
  • Comments
  • Likes

This allows you to find most popular users and the most popular content.

Search Competitor Followers: InstaHeads also allows you to find your competitor’s followers and commenters and get them to follow you. In fact, you can search for the followers of any account in your niche and include them into your community.

Communicate with Potential Followers

Once you have found the most popular posts, you can communicate with potential followers. You can also leave comments and interact with them.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Do you have more than one Instagram account? Managing each account will mean signing in to each account. With InstaHeads you can manage all your accounts from the same place. It takes just a click to switch between the different accounts from within InstaHeads.

Schedule Tasks

InstaHeads also provides a smart queuing system. You can schedule everyday tasks and go about your business so that there is no need to sit and manage your tasks all the time. There is another advantage of using this tool – it shields you from the limitations set by Instagram. When you use this software, there is no need the worry about the daily limits on likes and number of follows set by the photo sharing site.

InstaHeads is also developing an inbox messaging feature that will allow you to connect directly with both potential customers and followers. This will allow you to reach your target audience directly with your messages.

Using InstaHeads

InstaHeads can be used on all the leading platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. Almost anyone with basic IT skills can use this program. Once the app is downloaded, log in using an Instagram account. You can also use your multiple accounts to log in so that you can switch instantly between them.

Once in, you can search for posts based on different parameters. It also allows you to filter posts based on how many comments they have and the date. Communicate with your target audience, follow accounts, like and follow multiple posts automatically and do much more. It also provides statistics reports so that you can find out the number of followers and likes you have received over specific time span.

InstaHeads has a strict privacy policy for its clients. They do not store any of the personal data on their servers. According of the company, the search functions are conducted on your computer system and all data is encrypted and secure when transmitted to Instagram.