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Magento Vs Shopify

Every now and then, you would read a review by a technical blogger on how Magento fares when it comes to creating an online store. Various platforms are available and I am sure it’s a tough decision for the one putting up his store, as relying on a platform would mean that it is fulfilling to all his e-commerce needs.

Shopify for one is always a tough competitor and people often tend to get confused which one to go with, especially when Magento, which has been tried and tested by millions across the globe, is readily available.If ‘Ease of Use’ is preferred as a factor by most, then the Features don’t lag far behind. Both Magento and Shopify offer some outstanding features and it is completely up to a user which one to prefer finally.

If one easily gets influenced with what others prefer, then in terms of market share, the difference isn’t much.Security is imperative for all, especially the fact that you are deciding on your online store where all the monetary transactions would take place so that is something which can’t be comprised.

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Hosting and maintenance could be an issue when you don’t have enough hands to be setting up your business.Big enterprises can easily hire a team without worrying about the cost much. Small business owners have to consider everything and at the same time, they have to keep a check on their pocket.

Support is generally expensive and you would obviously want to deploy a platform which is less intricate and gives you ample features to run your business.With this infographic, I have tried comparing both Magento and Shopify in terms of features they offer, ease of use, support and maintenance, how well they support for branding and marketing and of course the costing. Take a look –

Magento Vs Shopify

Credit: mofluid