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Maximizing Your YouTube Effectiveness Through Simple Strategies

Effective Content Design

If you haven’t heard the phrase “content is king” by now, well, you’re likely going to hear it soon. Content is continuously needed online, and it is in continuous demand. Supplying content that is of the marketing kind is good for your business, and there are many ways you can get that content in front of multiple eyes.

Here’s the thing: you don’t want your content to feel too much like an advertisement. You want useful content. You want engaging, interesting, entertaining content; and there should be a little bit about your products or services as well. Think “product placement”. That’s the kind of online content you’re looking to create.

Certainly, the “infomercial” approach of the eighties and nineties has its benefits, but think of it from your own perspective: how often are you inclined to sit down and absorb a half hour infomercial? Before the internet, should sleep be difficult, it might be something you do to help you drift into rest. Today, the internet has surrogated YouTube for this.

Now, what are you going to find in regard to infomercials? Well, you’ll click on a video, and a five-minute “ad” will play hosted by some individual who got involved with some multi-level marketing campaign (read: pyramid scheme) and how you can do the same. This is a “don’t” when it comes to YouTube marketing. You click past those, don’t you? So does everyone else.

Here is a list of recommendable content marketing tools. You’ll notice a lot of these tools have to do with collecting data. What this information shows is that people are interested in being stimulated, they’re interested in being emotionally contacted, and they want to be informed. So make your online content useful, stimulating, and emotionally relevant.

The YouTube Angle

With YouTube, you’ve got a great opportunity to do this. You can start a channel that is “sponsored” by your business, and continuously provides tips and/or tricks related to your products or services. You’ll be able to tell how well you’re doing by the likes and subscriptions you get to your channel.

There are a lot of ways to gain more likes on YouTube, and this can be hard to do, but it is doable—according to “Once you understand how the minds of your audience work, you’ll be able to get your channel playlists running and increase your like momentum.” On YouTube, likes and subscriptions are substantial indicators of a given channel’s success.

If you’re doing things in a way that is basely effective, you can expect a minimum view count that averages around 10% of your subscribers every time you post a new video. This means if you’ve got 100 subscribers, 10 see your new video right off the bat. Now more may see it, but you can be fairly certain of a predictable baseline. Obviously, you’re going to want as many subscribers as you can get.

If you get to 100,000+ subscribers, then you can be fairly certain of a baseline of 10,000 views on each video. That may seem like an insurmountable task, but if you hire three or four people to go out and make the right content, then share it on social media, you can hit that number inside a year—maybe less. Just treat your YouTube channel as though it were a “traditional” channel on the television of yesteryear.

A Closer Look At YouTube Optimization Strategies

Following are several additional tips that can help you maximize your YouTube effectiveness:

  1.    Instruct Viewers To Like, Share, And Subscribe
  2.    Use Embedded Annotations
  3.    Ensure Videos Are Worth “Liking”
  4.    Expand Subscribers Proactively
  5.    Post Your Videos All Over The Web
  6.    Ensure There’s A Personal Element To Each Video
  7.    Buy Likes
  8.    External Links – Post On Similarly-Based Sites
  9.    Buy Some Advertisement
  10. Know Your “Enemy” – Follow Competition And Outdo Them

People may enjoy your video and be willing to “like” it, but they may not think to unless you put a “like, share and subscribe” button on there. This can be done with an annotation, or you can say it right in the video—whatever best represents your interests. Additionally, you want to ensure that whatever you’ve created, it’s truly worthy of a “like”.

This is best done by creating content which resonates with target markets and provides actual information that viewers can take away and apply somewhere. Such qualities make a video “like” worthy, and will help organically increase your subscribers. But ask for them as well—work with other businesses and existing clients if you can.

To that end, you also want to ensure videos are posted across the internet, and are easily accessible. Get them up wherever you can—you never know how the domino effect of online exposure may work. Some things go viral that you’d never guess would.

You also want videos to have a “personalized” feel. They shouldn’t be too “dry”. They should have some quotient of emotional impact. Additionally, you can buy likes, you buy advertisement, and post on sites with similar aims to yours. Lastly, know your “enemy”. See what the competition is doing, and do a better job.


Final Thoughts

One final consideration when it comes to designing your YouTube page is having a recognizable brand name and logo. Additionally, you can’t “phone it in” when it comes to logo design; details are integral.

Things like logo color are very important when it comes to marketing, and the right providers—like those at—have professionals readily available that: “…are always standing by to help out!” These individuals can help you determine the best colors for your logo, and assist in optimizing brand effectiveness. It’s advisable to get professional assistance in such areas.

All that said, once you’ve got a personalized YouTube channel full of relevant content that’s emotionally affecting, visible across the web, easily recognizable via logo, and qualitative enough to deserve likes or shares, you’re more likely to see an increase in notoriety and the profit which is associated with it.