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MyAdMarket: Perfect All-in-One Ad Serving Platform

MyAdMarket is an all-in-one ad serving platform that helps drive more targeted traffic for advertisers, ad networks, affiliates, and publishers. It helps you drive a more successful, effective, and track-able ad business.The integrated ad serving solutions allow you to manage, optimize and report your ad campaigns. It delivers an easy-to-use and appealing UI from where you can remain on top of your campaign.

Find out why MyAdMarket stands out in this industry in this review.

Traffic Quality Engine

The Traffic Quality Engine (TQE) is designed to provide solutions to issues related to impressions. It spans across different online channels including:

  • Blind Ad Network
  • Ad Exchanges
  • DSPs
  • Direct Sites

It is not just about sophisticated ad monitoring, it also helps in identifying issues. The issues can be related to:

  • Content
  • Bot-based traffic
  • VPN traffic
  • Non-targeted geographies

MyAdMarket’s TQE also identifies poor quality impression grades and operation. It uses a powerful scoring system for this. All this means higher traction for your ad expenses as you avoid all poor-quality and irrelevant impressions. It will also automatically detect purchased impressions. All this means increased ROI.

MyAdMarket: Perfect All-in-One Ad Serving Platform


The MyAdMarket TQE’s main functions include the following:

  • Publisher Management: The scoring system allows you to learn where you are getting the poor-quality traffic from. Find out the publishers that deliver poor service. You will also find out the sources which deliver high-quality traffic. And using the data you will also be able to learn the difference between valid and invalid traffic. The Site Screening feature gives you in-depth info about publishers and new sources of traffic.
  • Advertiser Management: MyAdMarket TQE gives the ability to generate traffic and drive it to advertisers and online targets. This functionality also helps identify traffic quality sent out to the target.

Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange is another feature that makes MyAdMarket stand out from other ad serving platforms out there. It provides free ad exchange for everyone including advertisers, publishers, ad networks and agencies.

Ad Buyer Focus

MyAdMarket’s private ad exchange enables ad buyers to reach its special sites within the RTB environment. Campaigns can be run in a cost-effective way across its entire ad network including partner networks. And this can be done while maintaining brand safety.

MyAdMarket’s ad exchange buyers enjoy many benefits, including the following:

  • Learn about traffic source quality and boost your traffic acquisition costs.
  • Support for all the third-party tags including URL, JavaScript, and SDK among others.
  • Reports that provide all info about spending and performance
  • Multiple targeting options.
  • Manage infinite campaigns.

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Ad Seller Focus

There are over 20,000 active sites in the MyAdMarket ad exchange. It generates staggering 50-billion-plus ad impressions in a month. Online, mobile and video traffic are purchased by direct advertisers, ad networks, DSPs and agency trading desks through its ad exchange.

Ad exchange sellers can enjoy many benefits including the following:

  • Each campaign gets scanned using The Media Trust before it goes live.
  • Get the ability to sell your traffic at price of your choice on this marketplace.
  • Manage as many sites as you can.
  • Comprehensive reporting earnings.
  • Support for multiple ad formats.

Additional Features

Cost Per X-Metrics (CPX)

Advertise any cost metrics based on any combination of your choice.

Traffic Quality Score Index

MyAdMarket has special quality scores and traffic audits that help build trust between you, publishers and advertisers.

One Platform for Everything

  • Ad Serving: It supports desktop, video, and mobile ads.
  • Account Management: Manage infinite advertiser/publisher accounts. Also, let advertisers pay using the platform.
  • Tracking: Allows S2S and pixel tracking.

MyAdMarket Technology

The main features of MyAdMarket’s technology are as following:

  • Self-serve Module: The self-serve feature enables networks to allow advertisers/publishers help themselves. Users can create and adjust campaigns by themselves from within the member area.
  • Cross-Device Tracking: You can easily track/measure ad delivery to learn about visitor action and engagement. Get in-depth insights about your target audience.
  • Billing: All the tools are available within the platform to manage your billing.
  • Cost Per X-Metrics: Get access to multiple cost metrics for highly optimized campaigns. traffic can be bought or sold using CPM, CPL, CPV or other metrics.
  • Ad Media Exchange: You can also buy/sell additional traffic on the platform when you have excess or fewer traffic sources for your network. Reach other networks using the ad exchange feature.
  • Traffic Quality Index: There is a traffic quality score within the platform that measures all traffic sources. It uses the most sophisticated traffic fraud detection engine in the industry. it has been tested and developed on vast data sets sourced from ad serving, advertisers, and affiliates.

Thus, MyAdMarket offers unmatched flexibility, control and quality traffic that is difficult to find elsewhere.