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SendPulse: Your Complete Mobile Online Marketing Platform

Do you know mobile has already tipped the market share in terms of how many people spend their time online? More people spend their time browsing the web, checking their emails, playing online games, and interact with their social network on their smartphones than on their desktops. So any online marketing campaign should take the mobile experience more seriously than ever before. And SendPulse is one marketing platform that focuses solely on the mobile aspect of it – and it covers everything required to promote your brand on the mobile.


Why SendPulse?

SendPulse is an online marketing platform that uses every possible mobile marketing media to reach your target audience. Reach them through email marketing, SMS, SMTP or web push. This platform is already trusted and used by a staggering 320K clients worldwide. The company has world-class servers located in different countries and protects all client data and user information using industry-standard SSL encryption technology.

SendPulse is able to provide so many promotional services under one roof thanks to its advanced AI platform. Thanks to the unique technologies it has developed, the company has one of the highest open rates and deliverability in the industry. Its follow up web push and email sections have increased the open rates for its clients by up to 30%.

SendPulse Features

The main features that make SendPulse such a successful and so well-accepted marketing platform include:

Responsive Emails

SendPulse provides a collection of over 100 responsive email templates. It doesn’t matter what device your target audience uses to open your email messages, responsive design ensures that your message will always render in the best possible way on the screen. Whether someone access your email messages on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, it will be fully adapted to the screen’s resolution.

Online Marketing Meets Automation

With SendPulse you can combine different channels like email, SMS and web push notifications on your target audience’s mobile device and deliver your message more effectively. This combined effect can significantly boost your conversion rates. You can also put your marketing campaign on automation mode. Its autoresponder feature is a powerful tool that lets you reach your target audience at the most productive time. Set up actions based on customer behavior and let the campaign run. Whenever your customer or subscriber takes any action relevant to your emails, messages or notifications, initiate an appropriate response.

SendPulse will take that action automatically based on the setting. Use SendPulse’s email scheduler, wider third-party integration, subscription form, and an easy drag-and-drop editor to kick start your all-in-one marketing campaign without any complications. Reach your target audience in their email inbox, SMS inbox, push notifications when they are online, and use SMTP server. This integrated mobile marketing approach is a powerful strategy to make a stronger impression on their minds.

For example, SendPulse has a feature that resends message to users who didn’t open your earlier messages. It can boost your original open rate by anything as low as 30% to something as high as 80%. These open rates vary from one industry to another.

Highly Useful Analytics

SendPulse generates advanced and detailed reports for your campaigns. You will be able to learn about a wide range of results which can be used to further improve your marketing campaigns. Some of the key results of your email campaign that you can find include:

  • Emails opened
  • The links that were clicked (email clickmap)
  • The links that drove conversions
  • Customer locations

A/B Testing: SendPulse is a reputed online marketing platform that provides you the most advanced tools to ensure that your marketing campaigns are a success. It also allows you to conduct A/B testing when creating your campaigns. It will help you in developing the potentially most effective marketing campaign to deliver to your targeted audience.

SendPulse benefits you in so many ways. It has developed multiple systems to helps maximize the open rates on an automatic basis. These technologies include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Hyper Personalization


What Can You Do with SendPulse?

These are the different products from SendPulse that can be used to run a powerful integrated mobile marketing campaign:

  • Email Marketing: One of the earliest forms of online marketing and still one of the most effective ones. SendPulse provides you an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that lets you pick up any one of the 100 templates and send stunning HTML emails. Conduct A/B testing, add images, personalize your email messages and do much more to increase your conversion rtes.
  • SMS: Reaching your target audience on their mobile will be incomplete without the power of SMS. Reach them with your special offers and win new customers or new business.
  • SMTP Server: Your targeted audience or customers should always be in the loop. Never miss a transactional message using SendPulse’s reliable service. Send them promotional or transactional messages from any of your applications.
  • Web Push Notifications: This product makes it extremely easy to reach your audience with notifications and updates.

SendPulse has plans starting from a free plan that allows you to send up to 15,000 emails a month without the need to pay anything. It is the perfect platform to promote your brand, product or service. With your target audience spending more of its time on mobile, this comprehensive mobile marketing platform makes promotion easier and more effective. With high-speed and reliable servers, and marketing campaigns powered by AI, it can help ensure that you achieve very high conversion rates.