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Sudy App: The Dating App that Makes Dating Possible!

The internet has made things much easier than ever. But finding someone great and meeting them can still be difficult. There are certainly a large number of dating apps that make big claims, the results are not always what the fancy pictures claim to assure. This is perhaps because most of them are general dating apps and allow everyone to sign-in. This is why you should sign-up with an app that’s targeted on the kind of profile that matches yours. The Sudy App, a dating app for sugar daddies and sugar babes, is the perfect combination of a targeted-dating and privacy. To start with, it is focused on the rich and wealthy sugar daddies looking for single sugar babies. If you are looking for someone rich and beautiful that’s just perfect for you, this is the best app for you.

So Who Does Sudy App Cater To?

Sudy App: The Dating App that Makes Dating Possible!

The Sudy App is focused on the rich and the beautiful. The typical profiles include those of CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, doctors, celebrities, beauty queens, attorneys, super models, and college students to name a few. You could be anyone looking for a hookup or the perfect arrangement. You could be a rich older man who seeks the company of the young and gorgeous, or a young and sensuous girl looking for a mature man to pamper you with all his love and gifts. This is the right app for anyone with such unique preferences.

Using the Sudy App

Signing up with the Sudy App is easy and simple. You could sign-up using your email address or simply login using your Facebook account.

Sudy App: The Dating App that Makes Dating Possible!

Since this is a unique app, signing up doesn’t mean that anyone can start using it. You have to be voted by other users before your profile is allowed on the site.

The app makes it clear that new users can apply for an account only using their ‘real information’. It’s not clear how effective that is. However, this app requires that you provide access to your location. There’s a good reason for that because it will update you with sugar babies closer to you.

So you are required to provide the following information for signing up:

  • Name
  • Sex – (whether you are a Sugar Daddy/Mommy or Sugar Baby)
  • Income
  • Birth date
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Location

Keep in mind that you cannot make changes once your account is setup. Make sure you upload your best photo. You want to collect all the votes you can.

Vote-In Requirement

This is where Sudy App stands out as an exclusive dating app. Every new sign-up has to be “voted in” before they can start using the app. This is why it’s so important to load a great photo.

However, there are 2 more ways you can become a full-fledged member:

  • Verify Beauty
  • Sign-up for the Sudy Premium account

If you want to be voted-in, make sure you have an attractive photo. It should be clear. Until the current members are voting you in, you will remain in the visitor mode. The only way you could interact with the current members is through Tapit.

What’s Tapit?

Sudy App: The Dating App that Makes Dating Possible!

Tapit is the same feature as the swipe used in Tinder. You could swipe left or right to like or dislike the elements on the member cards. The good thing is that you could chat for free with a member you have liked if they like you back!

What After Approval?

So once the members have voted you up and your account is approved, the Sudy App will show you sugar babies who are close to you. You can then send out messages to them.

Sudy App: The Dating App that Makes Dating Possible!

Another thing that makes this dating app different is that it has a special ranking system. It has a Glamour list and if you want to attract more sugar daddies or sugar babes, make sure you get more and more ‘sugars’. The more sugars you have the higher your rank will be.

Protecting Your Identity

As already mentioned, the Sudy App is focused on the rich, the famous and the beautiful. Protecting your identity is one of the key concerns when signing up with a dating app. If you are a sugar daddy, no other sugar daddy can view your account info. Similarly, sugar babies are also shielded from each other. Besides, Sudy App also shields all your information and communications in the app. Your chats, matches and dates are all kept secret and protected under the industry-standard security software.

So if you think you have had done enough experiments with the dating apps out there, Sudy App provides you a great breakthrough. The app can be used by both Android and iOS users. You can download it from here: Sudy App.