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The 5 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

So you are a Blogger?

Okay, you use Google Chrome too..!!

Then you must be searching best Google Chrome extensions for SEO!

Image here attached in mail..!!

There are lots of SEO browser extensions available on the Internet but only a few of them are works the way we want, and the rest of all are just making money.

Nowadays approx a lot of people are using Google Chrome (including me), just because it’s only excellent working and looks. I’m not saying that you all should use Google Chrome if you are not already using it, just work on any browser you like 

Now if you are using Google Chrome then let’s continue to our today’s list of best SEO extension for Google Chrome.

These are the best Google Chrome extensions for SEO you should start using right now-

1:- SEOQuake

You must have heard out SEOQuake once, but if you have never tried this then you I strongly recommend you to use this right now.

Credit: thinksem

Because this is the best SEO checker extension I have ever seen, that’s why I have mentioned it on the top of my list of SEO extensions chrome.

It works fast, whenever we do any search on Google then it automatically run and gives so great SEO stats like Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Domain Authority, Moz Page Rank, etc.

Below every Google search result it shows us a bar which shows us all these all information about that blog.

And the best part I love about this SEO extension is that it’s really distraction free


This is a great Google Chrome SEO plugin which lets you check search rankings of any blog page or website.

The 5 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

Credit:’ websurvive

In a single tap, you can look at the search engine rankings of any blog you are viewing currently.


This is very useful for bloggers because they know the importance of search engine rankings. We keep searching ranks of each and every blog which we like to buy tools like Alexa or Moz, but this is very time consuming to go again and again to these tools. So this we have a solution called as SEO SERP extension chrome

3: – MozBar

You all know about SEOMoz and may be familiar with Moz. As we all know Moz offers us lots of tools including keyword research tool, backlink research, Seo Audit & crawl, Rank tracking, etc.

The 5 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

Credit: seoweather

And all these tools are awesome and trustworthy. So we can have all these tools and a single bar, we just have to install MozBar extension in our browser.

MozBar is one of the best SEO browser extensions we have till now on the Internet.

I use this tool from last two years and trust me I can’t even blog without this toolbar now. So I recommend you all use this right now.

4: – SEO Site Tools

If you are a serious blogger and wants to earn some decent money from your blog, then you should be severe about SEO.

The 5 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

Credit: dizyne

So here we have a Google Chrome extensions for SEO named as SEO Site Tools, this is the one and only SEO tool which gives us more than enough SEO data of any website or blog.

Affiliate Marketing Training for Bloggers

This extension includes sections like Social Media, Domain Info or Server Info, Page elements and External Page data, etc.

But if we think about the uniqueness of this tool then here comes one extra impressive feature of this tool is that it will highlight your domain name whenever you do search like on Google search results, Google trends, etc.

5: – Pocket

As we all are bloggers and we all know very well that bloggers have to earn so much from the Internet.  We keep reading lots of new things or trending things on Internet under our niche or field.  Like if you have a blog about food then you have to learn about new recipes or new food dishes just like this every blogger reads a lot about his stream.

The 5 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

Credit: readitlater-blog.s3.amazonaws

So sometimes while searching something trending we found some excellent guide but we don’t have enough time to read these, so for this problem, we have this Google Chrome SEO plugin named as Pocket.

Pocket helps us to save any article or page and lets us read them anytime we want. It saves these all pages under its saved pages menu.

6: – Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Backlinks are the primary need of every blogger. Backlinks are the way for bloggers to rank high on search engines and to increase domain authority and page authority of our blog.

The 5 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

So this tool Majestic Backlink Analyzer is the best SEO browser extensions which help us to make a quick backlinks report on anybody’s blog including our blog.

It also offers us a new term Trust Ratio, which is crucial in blogging nowadays. Everyone wants a good trust ratio of your blog if they are going to pay you.

It gives us a simple table which has some sections like Citation flow, external backlinks, trust flow and referring domain. And if we click on backlinks tab then it will show you a complete list of backlinks of that page or blog, generally this list contains ten strongest backlinks of that particular page or blog.

7: – Alexa Tool Bar

You must be familiar with Alexa, so just try Alexa toolbar if you have not check it yet.

The 5 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

Credit: 1.bp.blogspot

I don’t think I should say more about this tool

Just try this now.

Some Extra Google Chrome extensions for SEO you should check out-

8: – Screen Capture

You must be thinking that you have keys to take a screenshot then why we need this tool. This tool lets us highlight any part of a page and then we can take screenshots in one click. It is helpful for bloggers who publishes step by step guides or tutorials.

The 5 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

Credit: ashout

9: – Shareaholic

It lets you share your all blog posts on all social media at one place. The best part about this is that it saves our time insanely.

Image link –

10: – iPage

It is the tool mainly to check the page rank of any blog.

Credit: technologer

It is a small, fast tool which lets you test the page rank of any blog in one click.

That’s all for today 

So now that you have a list of best Google Chrome extensions for SEO, just go and check them out one by one.

If I have missed any of the Google Chrome SEO plugins, then please let me know in comments.

Thank You J