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“Three Simple Steps to Have a Perfect Niche”

What is a Niche by the way?

The niche is a market segment which is focused on a specific product or service. Such market can be divided into smaller forms with particular interest and demographics.

For example, the computing and technology are main niches, while computers, parts, and accessories, gadgets, services, software, etc. can be defined under the computing and technology niche.

How to decide the perfect niche?

It is up to you for which particular or multiple niches you want to go for. To provide you help in deciding which is the perfect niche for you, I have compiled these three simple steps which you can follow.

Step-1:  Find the right keywords for you using niche research software

The very first step in any digital marketing or the blogging world is to research for a perfect keyword to rank for. It is the most important as well as a real fun part too. After you get used to it, you will surely enjoy digging dipper and dipper into it.

To have a right keyword for you, you can use the best niche research software available in the market. These tools will help you to find the most valuable keywords and other related terms. It will help you to filter out the most searched keywords on the web. You will get local and global search volume, the competition, and the value for PPC for that particular keyword.

Don’t just focus on a particular keyword or niche. Try to find out as many niches, and as many keywords, you are interested in and can rank for. It is important for an entrepreneur as well to find a right niche and make money from it.

Make sure that the keyword you choose has a good number of search volume across global and local markets. If you are a beginner in the niche research or even if you are a pro, the niche research tools will help you to get the right and most valuable keywords. It is the simplest way to decide the niche from which you can make money.

Step-2: Analyze competition

After you spent enough time on keyword and niche research, you should make a focus on the competition for it. You have to check out how the competition is for a particular niche or keyword and how they are ranking for it.

Most easy way to analyze competition is search on Google for the particular niche keyword that you have chosen. You will see a list of blogs and websites which are ranking for that searched term. Analyze the top domains, their ranking keywords for that specific niche keyword, PPC competition, etc.

Not only the generic results, but you should also analyze the videos and images for that niche keyword. It is not a major part, but interestingly it will help to check another type of competition apart from organic results and PPC ads.

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Step-3: Decide whether you want to for it or not

After finishing niche keyword research and competition analysis, you will be able to easily figure out if you can go for the particular niche and sub-niches or not.

It is advisable that you go for the keyword niche for which the search volume is a bit high, and competition is quite low. It will help you to easily rank for that particular keyword. But you can also go for the keyword that has a gigantic search volume as well have a high competition for. If there are giant domains which are ranking for that keyword, doesn’t mean you cannot go for it. If you have a good marketing strategy and if you think you will get your site rank for that niche, then there is no keyword and niche in the world, from which you can’t make money.


After deciding the particular niche and keywords, you should register your domain and start developing your niche site. Give proper and quality information it, have a good digital strategic plan to make it rank in Google, and you will surely get something big out of it.

Tell in the comments how these steps helped you to find your niche and for which niche keyword you will be going ahead. If you have another niche marketing approach and if it is working for you, then feel free to share it here.

Good luck to you!