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Top 10 Resources to Learn about SEO Free without Spending a Penny

Learning is cool specially when it comes to SEO it’s requires special attention to a number of moving parts, all at the same time. You need to know about your every single thing that happening with your blog specially monitoring people who are in the same niche it’s challenging. I’ve spend many years in SEO and learn from different people in the start I face too much difficulties by time by time i was learning and growing so today I decide to share some good resources every beginner who want to learn SEO should keep an eye on them.  

#1  Search engine land

Search engine land focus on the search marketing industry it’s like a digital encyclopedia of search engine optimization information. It’s a leading daily publication that covers all aspects of the search marketing industry. The site is led by Matt McGee, who oversees the editorial team behind search engine land and it’s sister publication marketing land. All I can say it’s a cool place doesn’t matter  you are expert or beginner you should keep an eye on search engine land it will help  you a lot with search engine optimization.

Top 10 Resources to Learn about SEO Free without Spending a Penny

#2 Moz

Moz is an inbound marketing company and provider of SEO tools that has a blog full of insightful articles. The blog is updated frequently and you can search for specific topics of interest. One of the most cool thing about Moz is whiteboard Friday video series with Rand Fishkin the wizard of MOZ. They have some good tools as well like

Top 10 Resources to Learn about SEO Free without Spending a Penny

Keyword explorer

Leverage the largest, most accurate search keyword database to discover and prioritize the best keywords for your website.

Open site explorer

SEO starts with OSE. Uncover content and link building opportunities, track your site’s link profile over time and compare to competitors for intelligent, target link building

How Mobile, Voice, and Social Are Changing SEO

Moz Bar

Examine and analyze important search, social and page metrics of any site you visit right in your chrome browser!

#3 matthewwoodward

If you want to learn Search engine optimization and internet marketing Matthew woodward is the right place to learn SEO from. He publish high quality tutorials and case studies like you never seen before! Interesting part of matthewwoodward is his income reports. While reading his income reports case studies a beginner can learn a lot of new things that he never even heard about before since august 2012 he is sharing his income reports and growing every month so it’s interesting to learn about SEO directly from income reports he exactly show you how I make thousand dollars

Top 10 Resources to Learn about SEO Free without Spending a Penny

#4 Quick Sprout

Quick sprout created this nine-chapter guide that offers more advanced SEO tips. It’s set up in an infographic style, which makes it easier to digest here is an advance SEO guide

Top 10 Resources to Learn about SEO Free without Spending a Penny

#5 Kalzumeus

Kalzumeus is run by Patrick Mackenzie better known as patio11 on the internet.  Kalzumeus shared an article about software company if you are a software company owner you should take a look at SEO for software companies



#6 Quora Google panda update

As we all know that in february 2011 Google released a relatively significant update to its algorithm. The update was known as Panda and it hurt the traffic of a lot of sites. This Quora thread gives good tips for surviving and maintaining strong Google traffic in a post-Panda world. So after the Panda update you will need to focus on valuable creation of content and at the same time you need to consider its uniqueness in a way that it is not duplicate but at the same time you are using your own perspective and you added value to it. It is also essential that you will not only focus your campaign on search engine optimization but also with social media optimization (SMO).  The best way to survive is always think of the logic that you put yourself on the users perspective and ask yourself if I did this, what will they experience.

#7 Google webmaster Youtube Channel  Q/A with Matt Cutts

Google Webmaster YouTube Channel – Frequently updated with a Q&A from Matt Cutts. If anything about SEO is a “must watch,” it’s this. No speculation, no conjecture, just accurate information from a key employee on Google’s search team.

#8 Inbound

Inbound a Hacker News-like discussion board where many inbound marketing issues are covered. There’s a heavy focus on SEO here. So, will using all of these tools, reading blogs and articles, and talking with SEO experts get you to the top of a results page? Nope. The key thing to remember with SEO is that it all comes down to producing quality content. After that, promote it and make sure it spreads. These things will get you pretty far. Because SEO, in the end, is not much different from a business. Giving people what they want and the accurate information they need is job #1. If you do SEO exactly right but neglect the quality aspect, your efforts won’t yield much in the way of results. You have to be familiar with SEO and have a quality site.

Top 10 Resources to Learn about SEO Free without Spending a Penny

#9 SEO Lovers – SEO, Blogging, Marketing

SEO Lovers share SEO tips, Marketing tips, and blogging tips, traffic growth case studies and other SEO experts roundup such as 13 Experts Reveal Their Best Strategy To Increase The Number Of Subscribers interesting thing about SEO Lovers there anyone can participate to post articles on SEO Lovers about their case studies or guest posts, or their own tool reviews.

Top 10 Resources to Learn about SEO Free without Spending a Penny

#10 ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud is an award winning blog that talks about living a boss free life with blogging. They cover about WordPress, SEO, Make money blogging, Affiliate. Shoutmeloud is started on December 1st, 2008 by Harsh Agrawal.

Top 10 Resources to Learn about SEO Free without Spending a Penny

If you are passionate about SEO and wanna learn deeply so must subscribe to all of them and keep an eye on their latest blog posts and their latest strategies to rank almost anything!