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Top 8 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Campaigns Fail

Not every social media marketing campaign is a success for a company. According to Sydney online marketing experts, there are a number of reasons for those failures, ranging from tiny errors that customers pick up on, to terrible slogans, to targeting the wrong audience. These are the top 8 reasons that social media campaigns fail, and you can learn how NOT to handle your own social media campaign.

  1. You haven’t stayed true to your values through social media.


If your business is built on authenticity and its heritage, don’t stray from that. Don’t suddenly do a 180-degree turn with your advertising methods via social media. Make sure that your brand continues to deliver the value that your customers expect, and keep your social media focused on your brand.  Customers want to be able to trust a business.  Straying from your core values destroys that trust and the credibility of your business.

  1. Your status updates and content aren’t consistent.

If you use social media for your business, your customers come to expect social media updates and new content on a regular basis.  When you don’t provide customers with those regular updates, customers will take that as a sign that you’ve lost interest in them.  If you’re going to rely on a social media marketing campaign, then follow through with it.  With that said, there’s no need to constantly post updates.  Just set up a regular schedule and stick with it.

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  1. Thinking that all social media are created equally is a recipe for failure.

Not all social media platforms are suitable for all businesses. It’s important to pick the right social media platform for your company.  For example, while Facebook and Twitter are generally good and useful for almost all businesses, other platforms like Instagram are more suited for other types of businesses, such as restaurants and design companies, that tend to be picture-oriented.  Make yourself an expert at the appropriate social media platform for your business.  Trying to keep a presence on all social media platforms will just result in frustration, and will take up too much time.

  1. You don’t provide appropriate, unique, quality content for your readers.

There’s a phrase that’s very common in SEO.  “Content is king.”  There’s a reason for the importance of that phrase.  Customers want to read fluent writing that is free from errors and typos.  And there should never, ever been any plagiarism.  In addition, make sure that your content is relevant to your customers.  If your business is service-oriented, it’s silly to provide content on cooking.  Always connect your content with your business, and find topics that are interesting to you customers because content marketing is one of the most important factors in online success today.

  1. Constantly pushing your product or service, instead of engaging with your customers.

Customers want to know that you care about them, not just that you want to see your products or services to them.  Don’t just push one deal after another to increase sales.  That makes your customers feel as if they’re just a number to you, and you want customers to feel like you are genuinely interested in them.  Engage in conversations with your customers on social media.  Comment if they make posts on your Facebook page.  Start a topic related to your business.  You wouldn’t ignore the customers if they came to your place of business.  Don’t ignore them on social media.

  1. You don’t have clear goals, or strategies for reaching those goals.

Top 8 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Campaigns Fail

It’s important for every business to have goals, and you need to have a goal in mind before starting your social media campaign.  What are you hoping to achieve through this marketing strategy? Are you trying to attract new customers?  Are you trying to get existing customers to spend more?  What’s your timeframe for results?  Set a goal of revenues you hope to achieve through your social media campaign, and make defined plans for reaching those goals.  It’s also a good idea to re-evaluate those plans and goals on a regular basis.

  1. You haven’t identified your target audience.

You can’t please everyone, and if you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one at all.  Identify the potential customers who are most likely to purchase your services or products, and direct your energy toward those people.  It’s a waste of time and money to go after people who have no interest in your business.  Focus on a particular age group or demographic of people, who are most likely to purchase your product or service.

  1. You don’t monitor your social media accounts or measure results.

Again, customers want to feel like you care about them.  When their comments and reviews online are ignored, they feel like they don’t matter, and will distance themselves from your business.  Keep yourself updated on reviews, comments, and complaints, and respond to those customers, both to the positive and the negative feedback.  Make them feel important.  After all, that’s what customer service is all about.