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Vampr: An App for Musicians by the Musicians

Making your way into the music industry was once a dream that only a few could ever turn into reality. It is now possible to reach out and connect with musicians and explore opportunities to make your entry into this coveted industry. Vampr is an easy-to-use app that makes this possible with just a ‘swipe’. Here in this review, we will provide you key information about this amazing app and how you can use it to connect with the world of music.

What is Vampr?

Vampr gives you access to the music industry and many of its big executives and to great talent that would otherwise go unnoticed. It is an app that connects musicians without concern where they are in their career. Anyone related to music, even music lovers will find this app relevant to their interests. You can create your music and share your work through this app and increase the chances of getting discovered. It is not just the aspiring musicians who are there on this app, industry-leading musicians, producers, music directors and all kinds of music-related professionals are on it. It is also a place where musicians and big labels are looking for talent.

Vampr: An App for Musicians by the Musicians

Connect & Collaborate on Music

Vampr is open to membership for users from all over the world. There are no restrictions with this app. You can discover new talent or established industry musicians, connect with them and even collaborate.

Vampr allows you to discover talent from any part of the world. Whether it’s a singer, guitarist, pianist, or producer you are looking for your next big project, this app provides you access to a vast database of talent. On the other hand, talented musicians can also reach out to big labels and music directors and share with them their ‘audition’. You can also find friends with similar interests and goals, something that’s so difficult to do on other online platforms.

Due to integration with YouTube and SoundCloud, Vampr makes it a breeze to collaborate on work or create brand new works.

Why Vampr Stands Out?

Vampr is developed around a unique concept that has opened unimaginable opportunities for both talented musicians and music industry executives. A hard-to-crack nutshell that the music industry has become, independent artists have a tough time making an entry. This app has provided a unique entry way while also enabling the established artists to find the hottest new talent.The moment you download it, you will be drawn to its elegantly colored display and neat layout. Even when there is ample use of colors, it’s pleasing to the eyes. The integration with YouTube and SoundCloud make it easy for almost anyone to create their musical works and share.

Using Vampr

Vampr takes many of its design cues from both social media and dating apps. Using the app is simple. You can create an account with one-tap Facebook login. It is up to you to decide how much profile information you want to enter.Once the profile is set, you are able to upload your ‘audition’ straight from your YouTube and SoundCloud accounts. You can also add a biography. Thus, you can not only share and market your own talent, you can also enjoy the works of others. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that Vampr is the LinkedIn of the music industry, at least to a small degree.

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The app allows you to search for musicians with similar interests. You can connect with musicians by ‘swiping’ to the right. Once they respond in a similar way, you can start chatting with them. So if you are a talented artist looking for a breakthrough in the industry, this is where you can connect and reach out to some of the industry’s biggest labels.Vampr gives artists extensive exposure in a way that was not possible before. When you use this app, you are able to broadcast your skills and work without having to toil endlessly like artists had to do in the past.

About Vampr

Vampr is created by musicians for musicians. This is the reason it has been a running success. Josh Simons is a musician who has been on national radio and has his band Buchanan has enjoyed millions of streams. The concept of Vampr came to him when he wanted to find the right talent. It was launched in collaboration with Baz Palmer, lead guitarist for seminal Australian rock band Hunters and Collectors.

Vampr is available now for both iOS and Android.