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What are ABO discrepancies?

What are ABO discrepancies?

A generic term for a variety of situations in which the interpretation of a patient or donor’s ABO grouping results is unclear. ABO discrepancies happen for a wide variety of reasons, including technical errors, problems with red cell antigens, or problems with serum antibodies. …

Which one is implicated in ABO discrepancies due to red cell abnormalities?

Miscellaneous problems may cause ABO discrepancies, including: Cold reacting autoantibodies that result in spontaneous RBC agglutination or a positive direct antiglobulin test (DAT) Mixed red blood cell populations due to massive transfusion. Unexpected alloantibodies unrelated to ABO antigens.

What is a subgroup in blood bank?

As with other blood group systems, the ABO system has variant phenotypes with a genetic basis. The term “subgroup” refers to phenotypes with variations in the structure or number of the A and B antigens, related to variations in the enzymes that produce them.

What causes ABO discrepancy?

Blood group discrepancy develops when the results of red cell typing do not match with plasma typing, or if the previous and present results do not match3. ABO discrepancies may be due to clerical errors or technical problems with a sample or during testing.

How can ABO discrepancy be resolved?

In this situation, the discrepancy can be resolved by washing and re-suspending patient RBCs in saline, followed by repeat forward typing with anti-A and anti-B.

What is the most likely cause of the following ABO discrepancy?

Technical/Clerical errors leading to ABO discrepancy were noticed in 12 (9.3%) cases. The most frequent cause of ABO discrepancies in forward grouping was subgroups of A Antigen (44.6%) and in reverse grouping was cold autoantibody (23.9%). There were 11 (8.4%) cases with alloantibodies.

What can cause ABO discrepancy?

Why are there so many Abo discrepancies?

ABODiscrepancies: • ABO discrepancies happen when there is no match in results between forward and reverse grouping(Cell type and Back type). • Since production of ABO antigens is genetically controlled, they are less vulnerable toproblems than does the production ofABO antibodies. Therefore we see more problems in Reverse grouping.

When do you have an ABO blood group discrepancy?

ABO Blood group typing: is the most important test in assuring a safe blood transfusion. ABO blood Group System: ABODiscrepancies: • ABO discrepancies happen when there is no match in results between forward and reverse grouping(Cell type and Back type).

What is the most likely ABO typing discrepancies?

A patient’s pretransfusion ABO grouping results are as follows: Anti-A Anti-B A1 cellsB cells Patient Results4+000 What is the MOST likely ABO group Reagents and Techniques/Testing Methods Used in ABO Discrepancy Resolution In Addition To… Not a Replacement Of…

What happens when the ABO type is not clearly determined?

Discrepancies in ABO typing lead to delays in determination of products that are safe to transfuse to the patient. When the ABO type has not clearly been determined, transfusion of universal donor red cells and plasma are necessary, thus depleting the supply of these products.