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What is considered your thigh area?

What is considered your thigh area?

In human anatomy, the thigh is the area between the hip (pelvis) and the knee. Anatomically, it is part of the lower limb. The single bone in the thigh is called the femur.

What is the lower part of your leg called?

The term lower limb or “lower extremity” is commonly used to describe all of the leg. The leg from the knee to the ankle is called the crus or cnemis /ˈniːmɪs/. The calf is the back portion, and the tibia or shinbone together with the smaller fibula make up the front of the lower leg.

What are the parts of legs?

The bones of the leg consist of the femur, tibia and fibula, tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges. A femur is the longest and heaviest bone of the body. Actually femur, tibia and fibula bones together support the shank of the leg.

What is the side of your leg called?

The fibula runs alongside the tibia. The word “fibula” is a Latin word that designates a clasp or brooch. The fibula was likened by the ancients to a clasp attaching it to the tibia to form a brooch.

What does it mean if your upper thigh hurts?

There are a significant number of muscles in the upper thigh, so pain in that region is often due to a muscle sprain or strain. This can impact the tendons and ligaments in the thigh. A sprain is an overstretched or torn ligament, and the ligament functions to connect the bone with another bone.

What is the inner part of your thigh called?

Hamstring muscles: Located in the back of the thigh to extend and flex the leg. Quadriceps muscles: Located in the front of the thigh to extend and flex the leg. Adductor muscles: Located on the inside of the thigh to pull the legs together.

Which are the three parts of leg?

The bones of the human leg, like those of other mammals, consist of a basal segment, the femur (thighbone); an intermediate segment, the tibia (shinbone) and the smaller fibula; and a distal segment, the pes (foot), consisting of tarsals, metatarsals, and phalanges (toes).

What are three leg parts?

What is the name of leg muscles?

  • Names of Leg and Foot Muscles.
  • The Gluteal Muscle Group.
  • Three Muscle Groups of the Upper Leg, with the Sartorius Muscle.
  • The Quadriceps Muscle Group.
  • The Adductor Muscle Group.
  • The Sartorius Muscle.
  • The Hamstring Muscle Group.
  • Three Muscle Groups of the Lower Leg.

When should I see a doctor for leg pain?

See your doctor as soon as possible if you have: A leg that is swollen, pale or unusually cool. Calf pain, particularly after prolonged sitting, such as on a long car trip or plane ride. Swelling in both legs along with breathing problems. Any serious leg symptoms that develop for no apparent reason.