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What is light agent in Zendesk?

What is light agent in Zendesk?

Light agents have limited permissions but can stay informed about tickets and, when needed, provide subject matter expertise and advice by adding private comments to the ticket. All ticket comments by light agents are private, including the first comment of any tickets they create.

What are light agents?

What is a light agent? Light agent is a limited agent role, which you can assign to a limited number of your agents. Light agents are only permitted to perform certain actions, such as viewing tickets and reports, creating topics in agent-only forums or adding private comments to tickets within their groups.

Can light agents create views?

Light Agents are able to see tickets, ticket views, and user profiles. If necessary, they can add internal notes to assist Staff agents during their work on the customer request, too. However, they can only leave private notes.

How do you make a light agent in Zendesk?


  1. Reassign any tickets currently assigned to the user. You can do this with bulk ticket updates or triggers, depending on the status of the ticket.
  2. From the user profile, click on Manage in Admin Center.
  3. From here you will be able to toggle the role to Light agent.

Can zendesk light agents access explore?

Note: If you have light agents in your Zendesk instance, and assign them the Light Agent custom role, they will be able to view any dashboards that have been shared with them (only applicable to Suite Enterprise plans, Support Enterprise plans, and Explore Professional legacy plans).

What is an agent zendesk?

Agent. Agents are the bulk of your support staff. They are assigned tickets and interact with customers as needed to resolve support issues. The agent’s role and privileges are defined by admins. See Understanding Zendesk Support user roles.

What is a Zendesk agent?

Who can access Zendesk?

You must be a Support Administrator to configure users. In Zendesk Support, click the Admin icon ( ) in the sidebar, then click Manage > People. On the People page, select your user name. The user you choose must have the User type of Staff member.

How does zendesk answer bot work?

Answer Bot is powered by Artificial Intelligence which means that it is able to mimic human behavior. Whenever a new question comes in, Answer Bot does its best to understand the concept that the question is asking about and use the map to determine the closest existing article.

What is the light agent role in Zendesk?

Light agent is a limited agent role. Light agents can be CC’d on tickets, can view tickets, and can add private comments to tickets within their groups. They cannot be assigned to or edit tickets. Light agents can be given permission to view reports or they can be restricted from viewing any reports.

Which is better a team leader or a Zendesk agent?

Team leaders have greater access to your Zendesk than staff agents. They can read and edit all tickets, moderate forums, create tickets on behalf of an end user, and create and edit end users, groups, and organizations. Depending on your Zendesk plan and the products and features it provides, you might see these unique agents roles in your account.

Can a chat agent be a contributor in Zendesk?

If you are using Zendesk Chat Phase 4 with an integrated Support account, each new Chat agent is also added to your Support account as a contributor. Contributors in Support have limited privileges; for instance, contributors can view some tickets, but cannot respond or otherwise interact with them.

What does Zendesk unified agent workspace do for You?

Unified agent workspace A unified, conversation-focused agent workspace helps your team manage conversations across all web, mobile and social channels in one single view. Out-of-the-box reporting and analytics Analyze your performance using pre-built dashboards that are pre-populated with best practice customer service metrics.