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What is SFL in military?

What is SFL in military?

The Soldier for Life — Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) is a centrally funded commanders program that provides transition assistance services to eligible Soldiers. Public Law is the foundation of the Transition Assistance Program initiative, along with DOD and Army policy.

What does SFL mean?


Acronym Definition
SFL Second Foreign Language
SFL Systemic-Functional Linguistics
SFL Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (Canada)
SFL Single-Family Low (zoning)

What does SFL mean in Roblox?

SFL : This means single file line behind the high rank.

What does SIG mean in military?

What does SIG stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
SIG Special Investigation Group (various locations)
SIG Strategic Initiatives Group (USMC)
SIG State Innovation Grant (US EPA)
SIG Senior Integration Group (US DoD)

When can you start Soldier for life?

Soldiers attending the program can start SFL-TAP 18 months prior to transition or 24 months prior to retirement to maximize benefits and properly prepare for transition.

How long is soldier for life?

Reserve component Soldiers with more than 180 days of continuous service but less than 365 days of mobilization must complete the self-assessment and individualized initial counseling during pre-mobilization, or as soon as possible thereafter.

What is SFL in aviation?

SFL – Sequenced Flashing Lights – Aviation Term – Abbreviation / Acronym.

What does STS mean in roleplay?

STS means “Smirk to Self.”

What is DFL in Roblox military?

DFL. Direct Fire Lethality (Army) DFL. Design for Loyalty.