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What is the average cost of a Viking River cruise?

What is the average cost of a Viking River cruise?

Prices vary according to the cruise duration and destinations, but typically, they fall within the $1,699-$4,999 range. Note that there are many Viking River Cruises in Europe that fall under the $2,000 price point, which makes them surprisingly affordable.

How do I get the best deal on a Viking River cruise?

Here are nine tips to help you get the best value out of your river cruise:

  1. Book early for selection or book late for discounts.
  2. Ask questions about what’s included.
  3. Consider opting for a “French balcony” for more space.
  4. Compare apples to apples.
  5. You can save by booking a lower deck cabin.
  6. Organize a group and save.

Which Viking River cruise ship is the best?

Viking Orion is the top-ranked ship overall. But you can filter your search based on price, region, traveler type and brand to find the best ship and itinerary for you.

Are Viking Cruises luxury?

Although ranked upper premium, Viking Ocean Cruises’ beautifully designed, modern Scandinavian ships deliver many amenities more typical to luxury vessels, like a sumptuous spa, fine art and high-end furnishings.

Are Viking cruises worth the money?

At the end of the day, when it comes to river cruising, you get what you pay for. Viking is certainly not the cheapest option on the water, but, they may just be the best. It may take a bit longer to save for a Viking cruise, but, it is definitely worth it – because YOU are worth it!

Is Viking doing river cruises in 2021?

Starting in July 2021, five of Viking’s most popular European river cruises are back. They’re in addition to the first 2021 itineraries Viking launched in Bermuda, Iceland, the UK, and Malta. They’re only for vaccinated passengers.

Why are Viking River Cruises so expensive?

River cruises are actually only a bit more, because river cruise fares include many of the things that are extras on ocean cruises. Since river ships aren’t buying cucumbers by the cargo container, costs like food and drink (a major component of cruise fares) are higher.

What is the average age on a Viking River cruise?

between 45 and 65 years
Generally speaking, the average age of the passengers is usually between 45 and 65 years.

What is the average age of a Viking River cruise passenger?

Is Viking cruise expensive?

If you’ve cruised before, you know that Viking cruises are…well, expensive. You can expect to pay several thousand dollars for your trip (although rates vary greatly by route and month), which seems costly compared to the $500-600 rates you’d find from other cruise companies.

How much does it cost to go on a Viking Cruise?

Prices of Viking Ocean Cruises vary wildly, depending on the destination, time of year and duration. You can find cruises as cheap as $1,999—the 8-day Southern Mediterranean Discovery Cruise, for instance—while the epic 2019 Viking World Cruise clocks in at $49,995 for no fewer than 128…

What’s the best thing about a Viking Cruise?

The beauty of Viking River Cruises is that you can sail right into the very heart of your destination, even if it’s located far inland. If there’s a major river running through or near it, you’ll be able to get there.

How much does it cost to go on a river cruise?

If price is an important consideration, look at Europe first. Fares start at about $200 per person, per night, for budget-priced river cruises and range up to $500 per person, per night, for an all-inclusive luxury experience. Cruise tours typically span seven to 21 nights. Seven-night Rhine or Danube cruises are the most affordable.

How big is the Viking river cruise ship?

Viking’s longships squeeze 190 passengers onto a 135-meter ship, which competing cruise lines say make it feel crowded.