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What were flappers quizlet?

What were flappers quizlet?

Who are Flappers? Young, single, northern, urban, middle-class women. They wore dresses that rose to the knee, wore a large amount of makeup, and had their hair cut to shoulder-length and styled precariously. Flappers engaged in active city nightlife in jazz clubs and vaudeville shows.

What was a flapper in the 1920s?

Flappers of the 1920s were young women known for their energetic freedom, embracing a lifestyle viewed by many at the time as outrageous, immoral or downright dangerous. Now considered the first generation of independent American women, flappers pushed barriers in economic, political and sexual freedom for women.

What describes a flapper?

Flappers were a generation of young Western women in the 1920s who wore short skirts (knee height was considered short during that time period), bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior.

Who were the flappers of the 1920s quizlet?

Flappers were a generation of young Western women in the 1920s who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and who had independent desires. You just studied 14 terms!

What did flapper stand for in the 1920s?

Fundamentalism A flapper was a young woman who -seemed casual and independent -often smoked and drank in public -wore short skirts -rejected traditionalist values of the 19th century -openly discussed courtships and relationships -suffered from a double standard In the 1920s, women in the workplace found that

What did the flappers do for a living?

They were single, young middle-class women. These women were widely known for their carefree attitude and appearances. They also aimed to please themselves not a man, such as a father or husband. What did flappers do?

Who was the first person to use the word flapper?

By 1912, the London theatrical impresario John Tiller, defining the word in an interview he gave to the New York Times, described a “flapper” as belonging to a slightly older age group, a girl who has “just come out”.

When did the flapper movement lose its momentum?

Although the flapper look and lifestyle remained popular and inspired many women in the 1920s, the movement ultimately lost momentum in 1929 when the stock market crashed.