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Where is Nikola Mirotic now?

Where is Nikola Mirotic now?

FC Barcelona Bàsquet#33 / Forward
Nikola Mirotić/Current teams

How old is Mirotic?

30 years (February 11, 1991)
Nikola Mirotić/Age

Why did Nikola Mirotic leave the NBA?

I cover a wide variety of subjects within the NBA. It sent shockwaves through the NBA when Nikola Mirotic, who was looking at an annual salary of at least $12 million to play in the most competitive league in the world, decided to leave the US for Spain during the summer.

How tall is Mirotic?

2.08 m
Nikola Mirotić/Height

What is Nikola Mirotic salary?

12.5 million USD (2018)
Nikola Mirotić/Salary

Who does Nikola Mirotic play for now?

Who is 44 on the Bulls?

Mirotić was drafted with the 23rd pick in the 2011 NBA draft, and played in the NBA from 2014 for the Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Pelicans and Milwaukee Bucks, before returning to Spain in the 2019 offseason….Nikola Mirotić

No. 33 – FC Barcelona
Career history
2008–2014 Real Madrid
2009–2010 →Palencia
2014–2018 Chicago Bulls

Who does mirotic play for?

How much is Bobby Portis contract?

Sources: NBA contract specifics generally collected from media releases as well as multiple media outlets. ….Current Contract.

Contract: 2 yr(s) / $8,912,580
Average Salary: $4,456,290
Signed Using: Non Bird
Free Agent: 2023 / UFA

Who jaw did Bobby Portis break?

NBA Rumor: Mirotic-Portis Altercation For several months, Mirotic was mortified by the circumstances that got him to New Orleans. Last October, his jaw was fractured in an altercation with Bobby Portis at Bulls practice. The hot war turned cold for a couple of months, as Mirotic wasn’t eligible to be traded until Jan.

How much money does Nikola Mirotic make a year?

On 6 July 2019, Mirotić signed a three-year deal, with the option of an extension through to 2023, with FC Barcelona of the Liga ACB and the EuroLeague. According to sources, Mirotić’ contract was worth € 26 million, making him the highest-paid basketball player in Europe.

How old was Nikola Mirotic when he started playing basketball?

Growing up in Montenegro, football was Mirotić’s true passion. As he got older, his family realized his height could be a lot more useful for another sport. At the age of 13, his grandfather introduced him to basketball.

When did Nikola Mirotic get traded to New Orleans?

On 1 February 2018, Mirotić was traded, along with a 2018 second-round pick, to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Ömer Aşık, Tony Allen, Jameer Nelson, a 2018 first-round pick, and the right to swap 2021 second round picks with the Pelicans.

When did Nikola Mirotic sign with the Chicago Bulls?

On 18 July 2014, Mirotić signed with the Chicago Bulls to a reported three-year, $16.6 million contract. In addition, Mirotić was required to pay $3 million to Real Madrid for his contract buyout.