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Why I Would Recommend Hostinger to Everyone?

One of the most important criteria for choosing a web hosting service is price. Everyone wants to have a hosting plan that is cheap and yet offers all the required resources, excellent quality and reliability. It is hard to come by a hosting provider that can meet all these requirements. And Hostinger is one such web hosting service provider and I have been using it for years with complete satisfaction. In this review, I would like to share the reasons why I continue to use this affordable hosting service and recommend it to others.

Affordable Web Hosting

As already mentioned, affordability is the most important factor that drives businesses and bloggers to choose a web host. Hostinger offers affordable hosting solutions with unlimited features and resources without compromising on quality and reliability. This is perhaps the No.1 reason everyone prefers this provider.

The Single Web Hosting plan starts from just $2.15 per month. The Premium Web Hosting plan costs just $3.49/mo and offers unlimited resources. There is 1 free domain while the following resources are available without any limits:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited storage (SSD)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited FTP accounts

Even the Single Web Hosting Plan allows you to start with 1 website.

The Business Web Hosting plan is also affordable considering that it is available at just $7.95/mo.

Easy Backend

Easy backend management is another big reason why I like Hostinger. It is so easy to manage my websites. The control panel is intuitive and anyone with basic IT skills can use it. The usage dashboard domains also provide all the required information in an instant.

At the same time it is also easy to set up your site using this web hosting provider. At the time when I wanted to start my websites, I didn’t have any previous experience in setting up sites. With Hostinger, it was a breeze. A sign-up and domain selection and a few more clicks and keystrokes and I had my site up and ready to go.

It takes not more than 2 minutes to have your website up and live. There are other hosting providers that can take days if not weeks to have your site going live. Most of the time you get stuck with some issues and even the customer support isn’t able to help you. However, with Hostinger, it was nothing more than click-and-go set up for me.

Fast loading

Page load speed is a crucial factor for me. I can never take it for granted and I am fully satisfied with the way Hostinger’s servers deliver my pages. Loading speed has an impact on SEO and if they didn’t offer fast loading, I would have opted for some other service – but I never did. The load speed was always fast and reliable and I know this helped increase my pages’ retention rates.

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Daily back-ups

If you choose the Business Web Hosting plan like me, you can also have daily backups of your databases and files. The other plans come with weekly backups. As all my sites are backed-up on a daily basis, I have complete peace of mind. No matter what kind of new malware threats hit the web, I am always certain that all my data is reliably and safely backed-up.

Quick support

During the early days I needed to reach the Hostinger customer support every now and then to clear my doubts. I soon realized that things were much simpler than I thought. However, the team was always courteous and professional and answered my queries in detail. Even when my questions were trivial and had simple solutions, they were always happy to help me.

So these are the key reasons why I have continued to use Hostinger as my web hosting provider. The support team is available 24/7 and is always eager to help. The web host guarantees an uptime of 99% and I have had never had any issues. Even the premium Business Web Hosting plan comes at a much affordable price. Competitively, other providers charge a hefty amount for a plan with such features. So I would recommend Hostinger to anyone – whether you are a beginner or an expert (because they also have VPS plans).

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