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7 Simple Tips on How to Write a Perfect Admission Essay in 2022

It’s stressful enough when you have to apply for admission into the university of your choice. The last thing you need is to write an essay that will decide whether or not you get into your desired program. But how do you write a perfect admission essay?  You can try to write an ideal admission essay yourself or get help from professional essay writers at EssayShark.

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to getting you started if you decide to write an admission essay without professional assistance.

1 – Choose Essay Topic

Whether you are applying to college or grad school, writing an essay is necessary for the application process. Some schools may ask for a personal statement, and others may ask for an admission essay, but either way, you will be required to write about yourself. But what about choosing a topic for your writing? Should you avoid sharing too much about yourself? Are specific topics forbidden? We have the answers to your questions.

Before we begin, it is crucial to recognize that there are multiple types of admissions essays that you can be asked to write. For the sake of this article, we will focus on the personal statement, which is generally required to apply to American colleges and universities. You may also be asked to submit a short answer prompt essay or an additional short essay if writing a personal statement.

Choosing a good topic for your college admission essay is the key to writing a successful essay that you can be proud of. It’s just as important as the rest of your application, if not even more so.

One way to start is by looking at what makes a vital essay topic. In order for an essay topic to be strong, it needs to be:

  • Relevant and interesting
  • Have enough room for you to develop a unique perspective
  • Contain information about yourself

2 – Outline and Expand

When it comes to admissions essays, many students are confused about what they should write about. Following an outline will help students know the main points they need to focus on and ensure that their information is organized into a readable, coherent essay. When students are not sure where to start, they can look to resources such as essay outline templates that can help give them a foundation to build upon.

A detailed outline is the first thing an admissions officer will review because it indicates your knowledge of the topic and your writing ability. An outline allows writers to capture their ideas, build upon them, and logically refine them by providing a structure to build upon. The beauty of creating a design is that it forces writers to look at the big picture of the essay and gives them a chance to see if there are any gaps in logic or holes in their argument.

3 – Create a Solid Structure

To write a perfect admission essay, you will have to follow a few simple rules. First of all, your writing should be well-structured and organized. To report a good structure, you have to answer all questions on the topic that you are given. Structure means organizing important information into paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a title (topic sentence), and each piece of information in your essay should make sense within each section. If everything is well-structured, your reader will be able to grasp the entire topic much more easily than if it were scattered all over the place.

If you feel a little confused about how to create a solid structure for your admission essay, there is no perfect structure. Each paper should be unique, so you will have to decide and determine which arrangements are most appropriate for your character and skills, but there are specific guidelines you should follow when creating a solid structure.

Be sure that your essay is easy to read. Don’t mix up long and short sentences. Understand your target reader – what kind of person reads your article? You need to see the world through their eyes if you want them to pay attention

4 – Find Proper References

References are essential when writing an essay. The admissions counselors will likely start from the concerns and ensure that you have the credentials you are claiming. Before you write your essay, make sure you know who you are writing about.

You should list your references in order of importance. For instance, if a professor is the most critical reference you have, put his/her name first. The person who knows you best should be listed first, followed by people who can attest to your best qualities as a student, athlete, or any other role – in that order.

5 – Research the Topic

An excellent way to get started writing an essay is to research your topic thoroughly. Once you have a thorough understanding of the topic you will write about, write down several questions that you still need to find answers to. It is best to start composing your essay right after you have done your research, as the process of writing your essay can also strengthen your understanding of the topic.

Proper research is critical for an excellent essay, so start by reading through websites, books, and magazines that address the topic formally. This provides a solid foundation for the writing and helps you form clear ideas about the issue you will write about.

6 – Make a Concrete Conclusion

The conclusion is one of the most critical parts of your admission essay because it wraps up your ideas. It’s the last thing that your reader will see, so you have to make an impact and get the reader to remember your essay.

When making a concluding paragraph, you should make sure to include the following points:

  • Use the last sentence of your conclusion to restate your thesis
  • Use the previous section of your essay to give a concrete example
  • Always consider time management when writing your essay

7 – Proofread Your Essay

Your last chance to edit your essay is when it’s handed in on the deadline. Once that happens, you get a chance to look at the essay in a new light — as a whole. Examine it for completeness, precision, clarity, coherence, and overall impact. Most importantly: read it aloud.

Reading your essay aloud exposes flaws that you might have missed, like awkward phrasing or hard-to-understand arguments. Because reading aloud gives you time to change the essay and make it better, it’s the only way to catch those annoying mistakes that could cost a grad school spot.