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Recruiting Tips for Your New Job Opening

In spite of recent issues relating to the ever-growing cost-of-living crisis, the jobs market is in a uniquely strong position. Employment is relatively high, and the aftermath of the cross-Atlantic ‘great resignation’ has seen robust gains for forward-thinking businesses with competitive offerings for roles in their business. Even so, recruiting can be a long and convoluted process, especially for newer businesses. The following tips will help you navigate the recruitment process, and refine your own efforts to find the best possible candidate.

Finalise Your Job Description

Before you begin your recruitment efforts in earnest, you should ensure that the job description for the role is correct, complete and comprehensive. This step is much more than the simple proofing of text for a potential job advert, important as that may be; this is to ensure that the role for which you are soliciting applications is fully-formed and fit for purpose. By reckoning with the description and pay grade, you can ensure you are receiving applications from the right candidates – and completing the right tasks in your business.

Consider External Assistance

Recruiting for a position can be a difficult progress, even in a strong jobs market. If you are a smaller business, you might not have the time or energy to devote to fielding candidates, and even larger businesses might have the resources might prefer to outsource elements of the candidate search.

At a minimum, using external job search sites with paid promotion can ensure a wider pool of candidates sees the opening. Recruitment companies can handle the shortlisting of viable candidates on your behalf, with specialist outfits offering executive search services to ensure you find the right candidates for leadership roles.

Referral Incentives

There are powerful methods for bolstering your recruitment search internally as well as externally. Your existing staff cohort will have their own professional networks, and could be well poised to shortlist viable candidates for you.

This could be incentivised with the offering of a referral bonus, whereby employees who refer a successful candidate to a position receive a cash bonus or other such perk. This has the added benefit of disenfranchising employees from recommending anyone to a position – ensuring you receive the best possible applications.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Lastly, your business’ social media platforms should not be discounted a useful way to reach interested and qualified applicants. While social media accounts serve a primary purpose as a form of advertising and customer service, they can also be well-leveraged in a recruitment drive. Followers of your accounts will already be interested or invested in your brand and offering, driving enthusiastic applications from candidates.

Professional social media platforms like LinkedIn are also a natural choice for advertising new positions, both with business accounts and personal LinkedIn accounts. As an executive, you can reach out directly to followers for interest in working with you and your business, and capitalise off the resulting interest.