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All About GrabOn Ka Teesra: How To Win Big Bucks

India’s top most company in the couponing and deals sector, GrabOn is celebrating its 3rd anniversary on 20th September 2016. GrabOn has come a long way from being a start-up comprising of 5 employees in 20th September 2013 to the market leaders in 2016. All of this made possible by the faith and trust of coupon users across the country.

On this momentous occasion GrabOn is hosting a special event to thank and celebrate the trust consumers have for the brand. This 3-day online event called GrabOn ka Teesra will take place on 20th, 21st and 22nd September 2016.

All About GrabOn Ka Teesra: How To Win Big Bucks

Prizes worth 1.2 lacs are up for grabs.

The event will be hosted on GrabOn’s website from 10AM to 8PM everyday.

Every hour a total of 33 winners or Superheroes will be selected i.e. a total of 330 Superheroes per day. Each Superhero will receive prizes worth Rs 111.

Everyday there will be an hour called the Flash Hour, during which the prize money triples from Rs 111 to Rs 333. During this Flash Hour, 3 mega winners called Mega-Superheroes will be selected out od 33 Superheroes. They will receive prizes worth Rs 333 on top of prizes worth Rs 111.

How to take part in GrabOn Ka Teesra?

  1. Follow GrabOn on Google+ and give them a +1
  2. Now you are a part of GrabOn Ka Teesra celebrations

What do you need to do win prizes?

Once you’re a part of GrabOn Ka Teesra, all you need to do is browse through any of GrabOn’s pages and keep on exploring. That’s all!

If you’re chosen as a superhero, you will be greeted with a pop-up mentioning you’ve won. You will have 45 seconds to click on the pop-up and share your winning moment on Facebook and (or) Twitter, failing which the opportunity will be passed on to another superhero.

A similar pop-up will appear if you’re selected as a Mega Superheroes.

When will you receive the prizes? 

By the end of the day, the superheroes and the Mega Superheroes will be contacted via email and the necessary information regarding the prizes will be communicated accordingly. Rest assured!

How can you increase your chances of winning big in GrabOn Ka Teesra? 

  • Keeping track and following up with GrabOn’s Google+ updates.
  • Sharing GrabOn posts and
  • Tweeting* about GrabOn ka Teesra

*While you’re sharing about Teesra on Facebook or Twitter, don’t forget to tag GrabOn