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FPPT: Best Website for Downloading Free PowerPoint Templates

What makes any presentation look good? The layout, design and graphics? No matter what kind of unique or awesome content you have written, if the layout or design of your slides is not interesting enough, your audience would soon lose all interest in your presentation. While the presenter’s skills are a major part of how a presentation may or may not be able to sway an audience, visual aid is an aspect that just cannot be ignored. Sometimes, a good presenter can be letdown by some badly made slide decks, leading to Death by PowerPoint.

Now, what do you need in order to make a presentation that can leave a lasting impression on your audience? If it’s the same old boring everyday PowerPoint background, no one’s going to pay attention to it, so an impressive background is essential. However, premium PowerPoint backgrounds can be expensive, and recurring subscriptions from premium template providers can cost hundreds of dollars. There are however, some very good websites that offer high-quality free PowerPoint templates.

Download High-Quality Free PowerPoint Templates at FPPT is an excellent resource for downloading Free PowerPoint Backgrounds. What makes FPPT stand out from other free PowerPoint template providers is that the templates are really impressive and they look pretty much premium. The name is pretty descriptive, as FPPT itself is an abbreviation for ‘Free PowerPoint Templates’.

FPPT: Best Website for Downloading Free PowerPoint Templates

More Than 9000 Free PowerPoint Templates for Various Topics

First of all, when you land on the homepage, you’d get a wide variety of available templates right away. There are some featured templates on the Homepage, as well as some tags and categories that provide links to the most commonly sought after template types. Since the website contains an archive of more than 9000 free PowerPoint Templates, you can easily find a template suitable for any topic you need to make a slide deck on. Moreover, the templates are compatible with major versions of PowerPoint in Microsoft Office as well as Keynote, Google Slides and the free productivity suite OpenOffice.

The top menu provides various options for searching through FPPT’s mammoth archive. These options include; Free Templates, Backgrounds, Themes, Top Rated or Editor’s Pick, Categories, Tags & Colors, and more.

Diverse Range of PowerPoint Templates

At FPPT you get the most diverse free PowerPoint templates for a plethora of topics. Be its topics like business, marketing, education, law, medicine, Christmas, New Year, Halloween or presentation templates for more specific topics like, say, basketball training, the festival of lights; you can get a template that is just right for you. Not only does FPPT cater for business professionals but also for sports enthusiasts, students, teachers, engineers, lawyers, architects and the like.

FPPT: Best Website for Downloading Free PowerPoint Templates


So, in short, it does not matter what type of presentation you are preparing, the  Free PowerPoint Backgrounds appropriate for it can be found at FPPT.

The Downloading Process

On a lot of sites, there is awesome content, but the download process would require you to signup/join or either complete a survey. That is both, time consuming and irritating. It’s not the case with FPPT’s free presentation backgrounds. In order to download and make presentations with free PowerPoint backgrounds, all you need to do is, “one click”. Once you reach the template page, just click on the download button and a zip file containing the template will download.

FPPT does not annoy you with third party redirections, unwanted pop-ups or extra clicks. One click is all you need to get your hands on the awesome slide decks that the site has to offer.

User-Friendly Search Bar

While you can look for the free template using tags or go to the ‘Categories’ section, where all categories come listed in alphabetical order; you can also use the search bar to look for templates using a keyword or phrase. This means that when searching for very specific kind of  Free PowerPoint Backgrounds, you can just type in your “niche/topic/theme” in the search bar and find exactly the type of template you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

And if you’re looking for templates with specific colors, you can also use the ‘Colors’ option from the top menu to search for templates by color.

FPPT: Best Website for Downloading Free PowerPoint Templates

Final Thoughts

A website that requires no signup, contains no pop-ups, and gives high-quality free PowerPoint templates for thousands of presentation topics and PowerPoint help is pure gold.  So, if you need Free PowerPoint templates, which are elegant, professionally designed, unique and worth using, without any signup or fee, check out Free PowerPoint Backgrounds at FPPT.

For all of you who might have tried out FPPT, we would love to hear from you. You can share your experience in the comments section below to tell us about your opinion regarding the free PowerPoint templates at FPPT.