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ClickAdU The Startup Friendly Ad Platform

How hard is it making money from your blog? Pretty hard, isn’t it? The two well-known methods are Ad-programs and Affiliates. And it’s pretty hard getting accepted at both these platforms.

That’s where ClickAdU comes in, the ad platform which expects the least of you.  Basically, I tried out ClickAdU for couple weeks before writing this down and I must say it’s definitely one of the best ad platforms you can go for especially if you’re just starting out.

Insight Into ClickAdU:–

ClickAdU is an ad-platform, something that caters to the needs of both Advertisers and Publishers. Its prime focus is pop-under ads or background ads as you might know them.

In other words, it uses one of the most convenient and conversion optimized ads strategies, that’s so because the ads do not pop up on sidebars or in the article text, which improves the user-experience of your readers and they aren’t annoyed.

Instead, the ads come up once the user tries to close your page, which means that his business on your page is already concluded and hence it’s no harm showing him an ad at the moment, right?

Now Pop-under ads aren’t supported on some of the major ad networks across the globe like Adsense which gives the edge here to ClickAdU.

In case you’re thinking they’re just another startup in town, you’re wrong. They’ve already delivered over 100Million ads/day  and have a conversion record of 180,000 in a single DAY! So something tells me they’re pretty good at what they do.

For Advertisers:-

So if you’re an advertiser, ClickAdU has got some pretty professional stuff for you. Let me just get you a brief insight:-

  • Geographical Targeting.
  • Website Type Targeting.
  • Device Targeting.
  • Fraud Detection
  • Bot filtering Tech
  • And much more.

So in other words, your money is safe with the company. You only pay for real, authentic conversions.

For Publishers:-It’s almost like a guardian angel for Publishers, I’ll let you know why:-

No Minimum Traffic Required:- I’m sure this is enough to get you go signup over there right now! Doesn’t matter if you’re a new guy who started today, or if your blog has zero traffic, ClickAdU doesn’t care.

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Wide-Range of Payment Options:- The one problem you face with independent ad networks is their lack of payment options. Mostly it’s just Paypal isn’t it?

But with ClickAdU, you get almost every possible payment option right in your dashboard.  They Support:-

  • Paypal
  • WebMoney
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer
  • And at least 5 more payment options.

So you’ll never run out of options to withdraw your cash out.

Fast Approval Time:- When you signup at clickAduU, your website is verified manually, but that doesn’t slow them down. They take a maximum of 24hours to get you your account approved (that’s extremely fast compared to the weeks of Adsense’s approval time, not to mention a high rejection chance over there!)

Easy Verification:- You signup, you get a simple HTML code, you copy-paste that code on your website, done! Can it be any easier?

1.Automatic CPM Optimization:- They have this awesome feature where your eCPM is auto-optimized of course for that you’ll need to get approved first, but once that’s done, their algorithm automatically takes certain parameters into consideration and gets you  the best possible eCPM rates.

ClickAdU The Startup Friendly Ad Platform

Country Based High CPM Rates:-

With Adsense and most other platforms the “keyword” determines the CPC and thus the CPM rates, right? With ClickAdU, the country determines it and I’d say the rates are pretty impressive.

The Dashboard:-

The dashboard has everything you can expect from a company such as ClickAdU. It’s simple, has all the tools you’ll need, a great and easy user-friendly experience.

All the options, ranging from Payments to Statistics can be found on the right sidebar itself of your homepage. So no more hunting through hundreds of complex buttons.



ClickAdU believes in transparency, so you get a graphical representation of your data, from dates, CPM rates to the number of clicks you’ve made.

ClickAdU The Startup Friendly Ad Platform

3.Cherry on the Top:- Referral Program:-

It’s okay if you aren’t satisfied with what you’re making with your own sites, it’s acceptable to be ambitious, and so they have this referral program where you’ve just got to refer friends via your link, and once they join and make money, you receive 5% of whatever they make.

ClickAdU The Startup Friendly Ad Platform

Now that might not sound like a lot but let’s say you refer 50 friends, and they make $50/month (I know it’s low, but let me show you what’s possible), that’s $2500/month for them, and that’s $125/month for you, without even working a day or a minute! Pure Passive money!

Final Verdict:-

So okay if you ask for my opinion, let me be honest, Nope you can’t be a millionaire with ClickAdU and that’s a fact.

But hey, it can get you that startup cash you’ve been wishing for, to keep things afloat while your business hits a solid financial standpoint.

And if you look at their fast approval rates, good CPM rates, statistics and other features, I’d say why not? Right? It’s not like they’re charging you, it’s totally free to join! So go out and try them out right now.