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The Top 10 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Either novices or experts- it is safe to say that many search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners have already committed a couple of mistakes that could have ruined not only their campaign but their career as well.  Although the old adage says that “mistakes are inevitable”, it is important to keep in mind that in the SEO world, one tiny mistake could turn a once successful marketing strategy into a total disaster.

True enough, SEO itself is an ever-changing plane consisting of highly-complex techniques and intricate processes which could take years to master. For beginners, they have to fully comprehend the basic concepts of search, search engine, the rationale for search, and more. After that, they can progressively move to more advanced concepts of technical SEO and semantic search.

There’s so much to learn about SEO-and because it is constantly changing one must not sit on his/her laurels, and should be actively seeking for newest trends and techniques that could further improve their skill. It is a common wisdom in SEO that an “effective technique of today might get obsolete tomorrow”. Although it’s quite of exaggeration, many practitioners of this industry had been penalized by Google because of committing old-fashioned and illicit SEO tactics.

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For example, there are still some blogs posted on the internet today that still commit keyword stuffing- considered as a black-hat SEO technique– which Google heavily penalizes due to its malicious intent of getting higher page ranking. Unknowing or not, committing this type of mistake will cost your business a lot of resources just to get your site up and working again.

Many of other mistakes are discussed in this infographic by CJG Digital Marketing. Check it out and see yourself the top 10 slip-ups you should avoid while optimizing your site.

The Top 10 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid