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Contentmart – A Specialized Content marketplace Bringing Content Seekers & Providers Together

Different types of SEO strategies have come and gone as search engine algorithms keep changing few months. However, content marketing is something that has been here since the beginning and will continue to be here. It is the very innate nature of content and its importance to the web that makes it an indispensable part of the online experience. Despite the ever-growing importance of photos and videos in creating engaging online experiences, reading text is still the most important way people address their information requirements.

Creation of the Content Marketplace

With thousands of new websites being launched every day, there is endless need for new and fresh content. This has created a Content marketplace where the massive demand for quality content is difficult. This is where a service like Contentmart comes into the picture to address this huge gap. In a market flooded with tens of thousands of so-called Freelance Content Writers, finding quality and relevance is one of the biggest challenges.

So What’s Contentmart?

In a market where there are so many portals that make it possible for service providers and service seekers to come together on the same platform, there are very few that concentrate solely on content. Contentmart is one such portal. It is one hub where Writing companies, content writers and content writing service seekers come together.

This makes Contentmart a specialized Content marketplace where everyone including copywriters, authors and those seeking content services come together.

This portal allows both content providers and seekers to present their services and requirements respectively in an effective and elaborate manner. The site allows a unique categorical presentation of the lists of both content specialists and content requirements, making it extremely easy for everyone to find what they seek.

Contentmart – A Specialized Content marketplace Bringing Content Seekers & Providers Together

The Contentmart Edge

The main features that make this platform the perfect place to find Hire Writers include:

  • Easy access to thousands of qualified and reviewed Professional content writers
  • Absence of any commission. Payments are made directly to writers.
  • Guarantee of 100% refund if content requirements are not met.
  • Valid documentation.
  • Automated payments
  • Portfolio & reviews for proper evaluation
  • Choice of themes and languages
  • Instant & quality customer support
  • Fixed deadline
  • Special checks to ensure uniqueness

Contentmart has a simple and easy-to-use UI and a highly organized navigation that makes it extremely easy for anyone to use.

All registered Freelance Content Writers on Contentmart are required to pass an English Test. Because the site also has service providers offering translation services, copywriters can also take tests in other languages. The portal has a team of professional linguists who check through the profiles of all writers and verify the information. So those seeking content services will be able to choose only verified writers.

Specialized Writing Services

Contentmart is a specialized Content marketplace. It has further proven this by categorizing the services into different forms. So copywriters can choose to promote their specialized services under specific categories and service seekers can also easily find the specific kind of writing service they are in need of.

These categories include:

  • Copywriting / Web Content
  • Articles & Blog writing
  • SEO Content
  • Product descriptions
  • Content for Brochures
  • Press-release
  • Testimonials
  • Editing & Proofreading

Another feature that makes Contentmart easy to use is that it allows easy communication. Clients can communicate and discuss the details before they Hire Writers. The portal provides a special chat messenger that makes communication quick and easy. Another advantage is that clients can also monitor project progress. If they want any changes, they can also send edits. This makes this site unique in many ways.

The Process

Contentmart has developed a process that is as simple as its overall model. From beginning to end, it involves the following steps:

  • Post Order – Provide the project description and budget.
  • Hire Writers – Clients can hire one or more writers after discussing the details using the chat-messenger.
  • Content Reviewing – Once the writer has sent the content, the client can review the content and the writer can be asked to edit the content.

Contentmart – A Specialized Content marketplace Bringing Content Seekers & Providers Together

Clients can check the past work completed by writers to determine which one to choose. This can be checked from the Freelance Content Writers portfolio. The simple works can be checked to review whether the quality and other standards meet your requirements.

The Content Challenge

There is no alternative to rich and original content. The content marketing industry knows how difficult it is to come across qualified Writing companies and writers who can deliver the perfect combination of quality and uniqueness. With the latest search engine algorithms making it mandatory to focus on original and rich content, Contentmart provides one of the best platforms to address the growing demand for quality content. It is a one-stop-hub for both content seekers and providers to address their needs in this growing industry.