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The Ultimate Time Tracker Software

If you are dealing with the crushing pressure of calculating payroll, handling timesheets, and keeping track of each employee’s attendance record, then you’ll want to look into the time tracking software at Clockspot.

Give Employees a Comprehensive Experience

With the time tracker software from Clockspot, your employees will have a unique experience that monitors their working hours and tasks so that they feel more accomplished and efficient. You will notice the improvement, too! The service works by allowing staff members to clock in to work from any location, whether on-site or remotely. Furthermore, the software will keep track of just when the employees clocked in as well as what tasks and projects they are working on. As their manager, you will be able to see how long they spent on a specific project and when they clocked out. This keeps everyone honest and working diligently, and will most likely improve the output of your business. Sounds good, right?

Keep Tabs on Who’s Working Where

The Clockspot timekeeping software is particularly attractive to many different managers because it helps them keep track of so many employees without getting mixed up. Take for example, Pepsi, AllState, and H&R Block – companies that are all clients of Clockspot. With the help of this groundbreaking technology, managers can see which employees are working on certain projects, as well as how long their work day is on any given day. If you have contractors or freelancers who are working from remote locations, you can even keep tabs on them as well. At the end of the day, the software will take into account all of these factors to calculate what their pay is. Stop the hours of compiling paperwork and slaving over mathematical calculations!

Stop Wasting Time and Money

Even special cases such as overtime work, paid time off, vacation time, and absences will be factored into the Clockspot software so that your timesheets and attendance records are always correct and up to date. Overall, companies are saving so much time and money because they don’t need to outsource work and they aren’t wasting time with pen and paper calculations. Furthermore, there is so much more energy among your employees that the workflow is bound to see a significant boost. Clockspot is waiting to help you obtain this cutting-edge software so that you can get to the good stuff in your company: making clients happy and providing the best service you possibly can. Get started today!