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DailyForex App: Stay on Top of Forex, Currency & Commodities

DailyForex is an app providing all the resources required helping you succeed as a Forex trader. It provides comprehensive Forex news, Forex reviews, and technical analysis for all major currency pairs so that you can make sound decisions and increase your profits. This easy-to-use app provides you reliable Forex reviews from industry-leading experts so that you can trade in the right currency markets and pairs

Stay Up-to-date with Major currency Pairs

There is a difference in using an app like DailyForex or any other online Forex analysis and news platform. You can carry all the up-to-date information in your mobile device, wherever you go. The app will keep you connected with the Forex market and wherever you are and at any time of the day. You can get updates on your fingertips and make instant trading decisions or make changes to the currency pairs chosen.

Forex Analysis for All Levels of Traders

DailyForex provides a wide range of Forex analysis for traders of all sizes and all levels. Whether you are a beginner or experienced trader who needs detailed analysis, this app caters to the needs of all levels of traders. It can analyze Forex news and markets at the following multiple levels:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Professional Analysis

Forex signals feature

DailyForex also has a Forex signals feature. It helps ensure that you never miss an opportunity whenever a profitable trading position arises. The app is backed by a team of experienced analysts who keep track of the charts for all the major currency pairs from all across the world. This includes:


DailyForex App: Stay on Top of Forex, Currency & Commodities

The app also provides signals, news and reviews for a wide range of commodities including gold. It allows you to carry along all the powerful features of wherever you go.

Some of the main features of the DailyForex app include the following:

  • Weekly Forex forecasts for all the major currencies on your fingertips.
  • Articles related to a wide range of strategies involved in Forex trading, trading psychology, risk management and much more.
  • Weekly recaps from a wide range of trading markets including currency, Forex, and commodity.

Application Updates

The DailyForex app receives regular update on an automatic basis. The company adds new features and addresses any former bugs to ensure flawless operation and that you stay on top of the Forex, currency and commodities market.

Some of the latest features and improvements in the current version include:

  • User membership: Now all users are required to sign-up for an account to avail its features and benefits.
  • Enhanced user Experience
  • Special alerts mechanism: Stay up-to-date with the latest changes so as to make the most of the instant opportunities.
  • Support for New Languages: DailyForex has now become a multilingual app. It now supports Arabic, Spanish and Italic along with English.

The DailyForex team provides professional support to address any queries. Any issues or questions about the app can be placed by emailing the team at [email protected].


The DailyForex app is backed by The website has been covering Forex, currency and commodities markets for over a decade now. It provides Forex news, articles, analysis, and signals feature for helping new and experienced traders to master the Forex market. The app also allows you to customize the topics so that you get signals based on the currency pairs that interest you. The daily Forex analysis and news are the perfect tools for mid-to-advanced level traders and the articles provide valuable guidance to help new traders improve their knowledge.