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Monetizing a website is one of the most difficult tasks and it has become increasingly challenging in a scenario where AdSense has become more and more complex and doesn’t return to your expectations. Developing a website takes lots of time and resources and when the returns don’t match your desired results, you should consider more effective strategies. PayClick, with an average CTR of over 2.3%, over 1.62 billion impressions, and CPM and CPC pricing model makes for the perfect program in your revenue model.

With the focus on native ad formats, PayClick gets closer to keeping it looking organic, thus increasing the chances of keeping the viewers sticking to your site. This review gives you all the reasons why this ad network can make a massive difference in your site’s profits.

Stats Get guaranteed payments for your traffic

The PayClick network generates over 1.62 billion impressions a month. When you sign-up to become part of the network, it will provide you access to over 37.2 million clicks. The network has an average CTR of 2.3%.

Some of the main reasons you should choose this network include the following:

  • Quick start. Even a new publisher can get started without any complications.
  • Weekly payouts
  • Widget setup takes just 5 minutes. Widget load quickly.
  • There is support for complete ad moderation.
  • You can choose from a wide range of payment models.
  • High-quality, professional technical support is available.

PayClick will keep you updated with all your statistics so that you will always know how your website is performing.

Responsive Ad Support Get guaranteed payments for your traffic

With PayClick, the advertiser will never have to worry about their ad rendering in the best-possible way on a device. All you have to do is to embed the code and your ad will automatically adapt to any device’s screen.

Even publishers are concerned about the responsive rendering of ads on their sites across multiple devices. This ad network eliminates all those concerns.

Choose the Ad Type Get guaranteed payments for your traffic

As a publisher, there are two options for you to allow the content on your website.

  • You can make recommendations for the type of content or product you want in the ads.
  • Allow the automatic display of the most relevant ads based on what your visitors are interested in.

Whichever way you choose, you can drive targeted ads that get more clocks and more revenues for you.

Adjust Design without any Designing Experience Get guaranteed payments for your traffic

Again, PayClick gives you the freedom to adjust the design on your own or let the experts manage it. There are two options available to you so that the ads render perfectly on your site.

  • There are over 50 ad-unit settings options for you to choose from. Create a custom setting based on what you prefer the best.
  • Let the Support Manager adjust the widget based on your website’s design.

Adjusting the ads is hassle-free and you don’t have to be an expert with design and layout.

Select Preferred Pricing Model

Another advantage of choosing PayClick is the flexibility it offers in terms of the pricing model and payment method.

You can choose a pay per impression or pay per click model. You can choose it on a monthly or weekly basis. There is also a special offer based on prepayment.

There are different models for different sizes of websites. Get guaranteed payments for your traffic

Main Features of PayClick

Here are the many more reasons and advantages of choosing this ad network as a publisher.

  • It allows highly targeted native ads based on your website’s content and your visitors’ interests.
  • Generate more revenues on both CPC and CPM models.
  • The widgets are responsive and load fast on any device – desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets.
  • Choose from over four dozen ad unit setting options. Adjust anything ranging from background color to content or product based custom recommendations.
  • You can install widgets easily and quickly even as a beginner.
  • Forget about any conflicts with AdSense. In fact, the PayClick widget doesn’t have any conflict with any ad network.
  • Whether you have a small website or you are premium partner, PayClick offers special terms for all its account holders.
  • The support manager is available in all the major languages around the clock.
  • It supports a wide range of payment options including PayPal, Webmoney, Pioneer and Wire.

The PayClick Brand

PayClick began operating in 2010 and today hosts over 120,000 advertisers from across 107 nations from all corners of the world. Its network provides one of the highest CTRs in the industry. It can help you achieve up to 5% CTR depending on how effectively you are able to target based on the specific niche. It provides an average CTR of 2.3% across all its segments. This has been made possible especially because it places native ads matching the visitor interests.

With such a vast ad network, PayClick offers high quality, targeted traffic for publishers and sends out ad traffic to only relevant websites for maximum ROI. This helps both advertisers and publishers make the most of their ad dollar and ad space, respectively. Anyone with or without previous experience can quickly and easily install and configure the ad widget in just minutes. If you ever think you need help, the technical support manager is just a call or live-chat away.

Assured Payments

PayClick stands out in the industry with a solid reputation for payments because of its strict financial principles. As a publisher, you will receive weekly payments in the preferred payment mode. The network uses the latest and most advanced technology to ensure that their account holders get complete reports on their clicks, impression, and income rates. You will remain on top of your websites’ performance at all times. You can check the payment proof below: Get guaranteed payments for your traffic

When signing-up, you can seek exclusive offers based on several factors. PayClick has built an excellent reputation over the years and has developed a brand name for reliability and trustworthiness. Google AdSense is no longer the only revenue-generating platform in the market. Many have come at par with it and some have even exceeded it. Make sure to try PayClick to boost your profits and to tag along with a reliable network. It delivers guaranteed payments for the traffic your website generates.