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Dailyhosting: The Best ever Feature Rich Affordable Hosting You will Get

Bloggers and website owners mostly face a big hurdle, when it comes to web hosting. Though there are several free hosting sites, these do not offer the efficiency or variety that the paid hosting services offer. But the efficient features of paid hosting services come at high prices, which most bloggers cannot afford.

This is the reason why many bloggers are opting for the free blog hosting sites like, etc. For bloggers who want more features but at an affordable rate, Dailyhosting is the best choice.  From the cPanel to economy plans, the services offered at Dailyhosting are of great help.

Best VPS Hosting Solution

VPS hosting services are mostly opted by the small scale businesses because of the cost effective nature and efficient features that come with them.  For bloggers who are looking for harnessing the power that a dedicated hosting server can give but without having to shell out much on the hosting, the VPS hosting from Dailyhosting is the best choice. The hosting service meets various needs of your business, is very user-friendly and economical too.

Why choose Dailyhosting

Dailyhosting is one of the best web hosting services present online that offer affordable and feature rich hosting services. The features provided at Dailyhosting when you purchase any of the plans available under the VPS hosting or any other hosting that the site offers, you get immensely effective features at unbelievable prices. The economy, advanced and epic plans offered meet the needs of all kinds of website owners, making Dailyhosting a one stop solution for all your hosting needs. Coupled with an exemplary customer service, the hosting site is a one of its kind that you should not miss out on.

Need for VPS Hosting

While a shared hosting or reseller hosting gives you better features, when your website or business starts developing into a bigger entity, the features offered will not be sufficient. The freedom needed to boost your business efforts is absent with the other hosting services. Going beyond the shared and reseller hosting, purchasing of VPS hosting gives you the liberty to function more effectively.


Dailyhosting: The Best ever Feature Rich Affordable Hosting You will Get


While a dedicated server can easily satisfy the hosting needs you have for your rapidly growing website, a VPS is the best choice for server owners or websites that are looking for cost effective solutions. Dailyhosting provides the right blend of affordable VPS hosting and vital features you need for your website.

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    Excellent Customer Service

    Another important reason to opt for Dailyhosting services is the high significance they place on providing customer satisfaction. Dedicated to providing customers with the features they want readily and at an affordable price, the support features at Dailyhosting are implemented in an effective manner. Support through email and live support 24/7 are offered at Dailyhosting. A 100% customer satisfaction is ensured when you engage Dailyhosting services as all the plans and features offered here are focused completely on the customers and their hosting needs.

    Different VPS Plans You can Choose from

    Dailyhosting offers three highly beneficial plans that website owners can choose from depending on their needs.


    Dailyhosting: The Best ever Feature Rich Affordable Hosting You will Get


    1. Value Plan is designed especially for beginners who are not looking for too many features but need a VPS hosting at cheap rates. The 40GB storage and 750GB bandwidth provided by Dailyhosting give considerable functioning space for beginners. The other features that come with the plan include two IP addresses, cPanel, WHM, and CentOS. Available at $29.95 per month, the plan also offers 512 mb/1GB burstable RAM.
    2. Deluxe Plan from Dailyhosting is also highly suitable for beginners and comes with 1GB/2GB burstable RAM, 80GB storage, and 1,500GB bandwidth. You get 5 IP addresses, cPanel, CentOS, and WHM.
    3. Pro Plan is for those who want a feature rich VPS hosting, but at cheap rates. The plan offers a whopping 2,500 GB bandwidth, 160 GB storage, 10 IP addresses, CentOS, WHM, and cPanel.

    All VPS plans offered by Dailyhosting contain unlimited domains and sub-domains, Control Panel, and unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases and FTP accounts. Other useful features present include free site builder software, private name servers, off-site backups done on weekly basis, comprehensive support 24/7/365, and full root access. The cPanel is fully managed.


    Cost-effective and Optimal VPS Solution

    When you buy VPS hosting from Dailyhosting, you can also avail shared or reseller hosting services for your own sites or your customers. The cPanel feature gives you better control over all your operations. Though the VPS hosting offered is unmanaged, Dailyhosting also offers managed hosting at minor fee charges.

    Setting up your own DNS is easy and Dailyhosting also provides DNS set up service depending on your needs. Whether you do it on your own or avail Dailyhosting services, the reliability or cost factor of the VPS plans offered does not change. Further, Dailyhosting also offers free trial for the VPS hosting. You can try this hosting and decide on which plan would suit you best.

    Efficient Feature Bundles

    All plans under the VPS hosting service offered by Dailyhosting offer great features. The cPanel present has numerous software automatic installers that are very useful for your website. Since most of the installers are free, you need not worry about the budget. Further, they come with a demo, making it easy to use the panel. The one click type of installers assist you in instant software installation without the need to do elaborate setup like uploading of files, editing them, and setting up of the database and user system. With cPanel option, you can rest assured that your website will function smoothly and efficiently.

    Though the features and prices at Dailyhosting may seem amazing, you can always compare them with other competitive sites and find vast difference in the quality and prices that Dailyhosting offers. The root access feature aids in complete installation of advanced software and full customization, making your VPS hosting a fully dedicated server at a much cheaper price. In a nutshell, VPS hosting is the most favorable choice taking into consideration the professional service you need and also the cost-effectiveness you aim for.

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