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11 Reasons To Use Google+ as Main Social Media Platform for Your Business

When do you think about social media, which networks come to your mind? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest? You probably won’t think about Google+ immediately, would you?

If so, you should know that you might be missing a great opportunity to promote your business. Google+ means much more in terms of social media marketing than you might think.

And here are the reasons why you should start taking it more seriously from now on.

# 1 – Google+ is the place for early adopters

If you deal with a target audience that values new technologies and solutions, then you should be on Google+. Their user base is now of 2.5 billion people, and it is constantly growing. Of course, as you know, most of these people never use Google+. But those who do are people who enjoy testing new things. So if you want to communicate with this public and market yourself as an innovative company, it is there that you should be.

# 2 – It is made by Google

Despite the fact that there is no proof about it, it is quite obvious that Google will index first profiles hosted on their social media platform above any other. So if your company is there, it will be a great way to show up on first results of Google Search – much easier than any other SEO strategy.

# 3 – You can organise Hangouts with your clients

As Google+ permits that you create and organise Hangouts with your friends so that you can do the same with your clients and followers. And you can use the tools to create courses or to open a video channel of communication between your company and them. It can be used as a customer service tool, sales channel, or to get feedback from your audience – and they also don’t need to have a Google+ account to join it.

# 4 – You can get reviews right there

And talking about feedback, a Google+ Business account comes with a tool that allows you to get reviews from your clients here there.  It saves you the time and money to find out a service to get it done, plus the intuitive design makes it even simpler to your customers, who doesn’t even need a Google+ account to leave their opinion. And we all know how reviews can help any business to sell more.

# 5 – You can see your analytics on your dashboard

Google+ has an excellent analytics tool that will let you know ow your page is working. The Platform Insights will give you reliable information about how people are interacting with your posts, who they are, new followers, shares, and more. This way you will be able not only to improve your presence on Google+ but also on any other social media network.

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# 6 – You can use hashtags to improve your ranking

Besides using the right keywords, you can also add hashtags to make people know what is it that you are offering in your profile or page. And this is because Google algorithm will also take them into consideration when indexing your Google+ posts. Meaning that you now can count with one extra resource in the battle to rank better on Google Search.

# 7 – It is directly connected to YouTube

So if you have an account on YouTube, you probably also have one on Google+ as they are automatically connected and linked together. And as you have no choice, you might as well make the most of the new social media network that you got. Another consequence is that it is much easier to post a YouTube video there and interact with both accounts.

# 8 – It is ideal for local business

If you run a local business with a physical shop, Google+ will be great for you. And this is because its profile is directly linked to Google My Business. Meaning that together with Search and Maps, Google+ will make you show at your best on Google Search results when someone look for a business just like yours in your area. All you need to do is to get the right information together and write it as nicely and appealing as possible – use a writing service if necessary – so you can stand out from your competitors.

# 9 – Google+ Communities are growing

Google+ Communities seems to be finding its place in the world. There are over 1 million people in these groups, learning and discussing any kind of thing that you can imagine. You can find out which communities are ideal for you according to your industry, or search them yourself. There, you can join the conversation and let them know about your business. But, better than it, you can create your own community and invite your clients to participate.

# 10 – Google+ Collection are also a must-use for business

If you want to share your portfolio, ideas, posts, or images – anything really – with your customers, then you should try Google+ Collection. With this tool, you can create a type of folder in which you will add whatever you want so your followers can find it in a much more organised and visual way compared to what happen on Facebook, for instance. This way, it becomes an excellent way to market your products or services – but, if you really want to make your target audience fall in love for it, you should also add resources from other sources.

# 11 – Google+ Circles makes your lead generation much more organised

With a Google+ account, you will be much better able to organise your followers in groups that only need to make sense for you. You can, for instance, segment them according to where they are in their buyer’s journey – awareness, leads, clients, influencers, so you will know best what to communicate to each one of them.

The bottom line

As you can see, Google+ has a lot to offer you in terms of marketing tools. It comes with all advantages of being a Google product, plus extra advantages unique to this social media platform.

With Google+ for Business, you will see your profile ranking better on Google Search, and your local business information nicely displayed there. You will also be able to integrate YouTube, Hangouts, and other services, so to offer more resources and services to your followers.

Plus, Google+ Circles, Collections, and Communities offer a much better experience in terms of group conversation and interaction compared to other social media networks. This way, it can provide with what you need so to engage your clients with your brand.

So wait no more and create your page or profile on Google+. It will be a serious upgrade to you social media account for sure.