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How a student can become an SEO-optimizer from scratch

This article will tell you how to learn to be an SEO specialist. We will find out what you need to learn the profession from scratch, what is the best way to start, and we will also advise beginners in SEO.

Who is suited to the profession of an SEO specialist?

Anyone who is interested in promoting sites and has the following qualities and skills:

  • Assiduity, willingness to do monotonous painstaking work on the computer.
  • Responsibility, attention to detail, and the ability to focus on the task for a long time do not get distracted from the work process.
  • Ability to analyze a large amount of information and draw conclusions in a short period.
  • Ability to plan and work multi-task, quick learner.
  • Stress tolerance, readiness for unplanned situations, adequate reaction to failures and unavoidable incidents.
  • Wide outlook, knowledge of trends, desire to learn.

How to learn SEO optimization from scratch

In order to become an SEO expert from scratch, you do not need to receive higher education in college, the profession can be mastered in another way. If you have at least some general idea of how search engines work, as well as a lot of motivation and free time, you can do it yourself.

But there is a more effective way – online courses where you learn tools for SEO promotion for 1-18 months and on real cases. Let’s talk more about each form of training.

On your own

Training materials on SEO can be found on the Internet: online tutorials, screencasts of webmaster services, video lessons, articles, checklists, etc.

  • HTML and CSS tutorials with a breakdown of typical tasks.
  • Official technical documentation for webmasters from Google.
  • Professional literature.

But to become an SEO expert on their own is difficult. We will tell you about the main difficulties of self-study:

  • There is a lot of outdated information on the web, so your knowledge is likely to be irrelevant.
  • Little practice. You can make your site, but you will have to invest your own money in promotion.
  • It takes a lot of time to learn all the topics. You may not be motivated enough not to abandon your studies. Although it is worth noting that there are special write my essays services that will help you cope with difficult tasks.
  • No mentor to make recommendations or debrief mistakes, which means you’ll be making adjustments intuitively.
  • Difficulties with finding a job – without an education document and portfolio at first you can only earn on freelancing.

Online courses

If you want not just to learn SEO promotion, but to become a sought-after specialist, take an online training course. Experienced SEO specialists will tell you about the secrets of the profession, trends, and best practices. You will master the most popular tools in real-life tasks, such as parsers for semantics collection, web analytics services, and so on. You will receive case studies on each topic, which will help you compile a portfolio.

Other advantages of online courses:

  • Distance learning is convenient to combine with work.
  • There is no rigid schedule – you decide whether to watch webinars online according to a schedule or to record them at any time.
  • Access to video lectures remains forever.
  • A personal tutor is in touch daily – he checks your homework and gives recommendations.
  • After training a personal diploma or certificate will be issued.
  • HR Center will help to find a job in a large company or on a freelance basis or offer an internship with a partner.

See how to use the basic tools of an SEO optimizer:

  • Google Search Console panel.
  • Services for gathering semantics, such as WordStat, and Key Collector.
  • Tools for estimating link mass, analyzing site traffic and indexing, and searching for competitors.
  • Popular CMS systems.
  • Programs for workflow automation, such as Rush Analytics, MegaIndex, Screaming Frog, etc..

Start practicing:

  • You can take any site for practice: add it to the Google panel, study statistics, determine the current positions;
  • check the visibility of the site, collect semantics, etc.

When you have the basic knowledge and skills, you can start working on real projects. If you plan to study online courses, the school will solve the question of practice/internship. Otherwise, you can look for uncomplicated orders on freelance exchanges.

Top 5 tips for beginners – how to start earning

We have prepared recommendations for beginners in SEO:

  • Get an education. Even a short online course will give a solid foundation – you will learn about the latest technologies and algorithms, and look at real examples of how optimization tools work.
  • Expand your horizons – subscribe to themed channels and blogs, attend conferences and masterclasses, and open events from Google.
  • Look at the successes and failures of major companies – some experienced SEOs and agencies do detailed reviews with commentary.
  • Learn to optimize your site not only for robots but also for people, and study the requirements of search engines and the psychology of users.
  • Do not expect quick results. SEO promotion is a long process, especially in the case of a new website.