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How Facebook Events Can Help You With Your Marketing?

Most part of marketing revolves around ‘publicity’ and ‘customer relations’. To get that publicity, businesses need to organize some public events that can enhance the customer relations of a business. This formula is most applicable to businesses like hotels and restaurants, event organizers, and Tours & Travels.

In just a span of 12 years, Facebook boasts 1.65 billion people in its community. If it were a country, it would be the most populous country in the world…(China and India are with population just around 1.4 billion each). And there is no need of describing the reason why it is so popular. Really Facebook is a suit of marvelous features.

It’s a social media platform by name and a great marketing platform by nature. In the plethora of features on Facebook, today we learn how a marketer can use the ‘events’ for making better event promotions thereby making a better marketing.

Facebook Events:

How Facebook Events Can Help You With Your Marketing?

We can create a page on facebook for our events. So that, all our friends can get to know about the event. This is in the personal view. We can make some public events too. And such events help marketers. The best part is, Facebook events are free for you.

If they play the game properly, marketers can create a great publicity for their businesses. But just clicking on the ‘create’ button and filling up a form can make an event but cannot get you the required results. There should be a strategy, just like any Facebook marketing feature, for creating an attractive and engaging event.

Now, let us see what are the steps involved in creating a public event for your business.

Step 1:

For a more professional business event, it is better to use the business page rather than the personal account. On your facebook business page, you can find the ‘events’ button. By clicking on it, you can proceed further in the process.


Then after, you can see a form that you need to fill up with the event details. Here, we should not be lazy in furnishing the details of the event. Because people want to know the complete details of an event before they want to join it. So, it is better to give all the details of your event.

How Facebook Events Can Help You With Your Marketing?

As shown in the image below, we need to keep an attractive image and a catchy name for the event, tell people where the event is going to be held, the scheduled dates of the event. Along with these details, we can write other details in the Description box.

The description box is the important element for a public event as we can give a call-to-action here. We all know the importance of call-to-action in digital marketing and it is upto you how efficiently can use the space.

Once you finished, your event would appear as shown below:

How Facebook Events Can Help You With Your Marketing?


It is an event published by Hilton Hotels, Virginia. They were conducting a sales event, offering their best offers. They mentioned all the details of the event and gave a call-to-action “Book and save upto 30% off your favorite Hilton brands”.

And here, I would like to give you one other example of using the description space efficiently. Publishers hotel of South Australia is going to organize an event by some famous guitarists of Australia. In the description, they mentioned the alluring offers and the achievements of the guitarists that intrigues the audience. Such strategies work well for your events on facebook.

How Facebook Events Can Help You With Your Marketing?

Event image:

Images are the ultimate elements of facebook. In fact, facebook looks beautiful only by the images on it. So, while selecting the image for your facebook event, you have to follow the standards. Facebook suggests using 1920 by 1080 pixels (16:9 ratio) for a better event image.

Step 3:

Now, you made a cool event on your facebook page. As you made a public event, you may think that your event will be seen by all your fans. But remember, you are making a business event. And the fact is, most of your fans ignore the events section unless they get an invitation. Got what I meant? You have to send invitations to all your fans and targeted users.

In such a case, using a social media management tool like HootSuite or SocioBoard is the best choice for you. In such management tools, we can search for targeted users with advanced search features and send invites to them all automatically. So when you are using such tools, you can save your valuable time and money that leads to your success.

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Step 4:

Well! Now, all your fans and targeted users will see your event and as you made it attractive, most of them may attend the event. And now you have to promote it wherever possible. So consider making these things for a better event promotion:

  • Post status updates mentioning details of your event. And yes, making an update manually for a million times is so carking.  But, you can make this process automated. Use the automation tools for this purpose. Plan and schedule your posts beforehand and the process goes on.
  • You can make a cover photo of your business page that showcases the event.
  • Give your friends and fans a call-to-action to share your event on their wall. So that, your event will be promoted better.
  • And if you want more reach for your event, you can go for paid services offered by Facebook.

Step 5:

There are some other event websites available. So, you can integrate your Facebook events with such websites and publicize your events more.


Successful events are necessary for publicizing and enhancing the reputation of the business. For making them grand, facebook events help you a lot. So definitely marketers should focus on making strategic event promotions on facebook. And the process is so simple and cheaper, isn’t it? So, what say you?  Start your events, promote them on facebook and make a better marketing for your business.