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You have got your business presentation next week, and you are very excited about it because you have just the most precise, accurate and perfect data, that is good. But did you give a thought to where will the presentation go if the audience starts getting bored?

But why will they get bored, I have the best data to show them!

Well, it’s simple. The people you’ll be presenting to aren’t foreign to PowerPoint, neither are they foreign to the presentation templates and the common color combinations that you get with PowerPoint.

And chances are, they are already bored with those layouts and colors much before you even start the presentation because they’re working with those same things for last couple years. So, what’s the solution to this problem? Free PowerPoint Templates for Business Presentations

You can’t just impress them with awesome content, right? You need to keep the audience engaged, and in case you haven’t noticed yet, more than 50% of the slide is covered with the layout/background, and the text only accounts for the rest 50% of the slide.

So, in order to keep your audience engaged is to produce high quality presentations, and one way to achieve that is by using professionally designed, unique and awesome PowerPoint backgrounds for your business presentation.

(But they’re expensive!)

What if they aren’t? In fact, what if I can get you some of the best works in the industry, for free. Yeah that’s what this article is about! The Solution is Free PowerPoint Templates for Business Presentations

What is SlideHunter? is a free online resource which gives you unique, professional and physiologically coded PowerPoint templates for your presentations.

Absolutely free! Yes, that happens.

Now, I’m not asking you to just trust them because they’re giving away something for free.

Instead, there are other reasons for me recommending and writing this piece about from the hundred of other free PowerPoint template oriented resources on the planet.

  1. Specially Customized for Business Presentations

Of course, you get normal everyday use templates with, too. But what makes them unique is that, if you are looking for templates specifically designed for business presentations, they are definitely one of the best options in the market. The great designs available here help presenters to combat death by PowerPoint.

  1. Diverse Range of Presentation Templates not only gives you free PowerPoint templates for business presentation but also makes sure that there are enough categories for you to choose from.

In short, unlike the other platforms which repeat almost the same format, image and color with just a little modification to each of their free templates, SlideHunter actually gives you a wide-range of choices to choose from.


You can choose your exact requirement with SlideHunter. As you can already see, there are:

  • PowerPoint Shapes
  • 3D graphics for PowerPoint
  • Free data-driven charts for PowerPoint
  • Awesome presentation backgrounds
  • and more…

And if you check out their sections in detail, you will be amazed at the kind of creativity they have. Just to give you an insight, I clicked on the 3D section, and I could browse through many 3D PowerPoint graphics available.

I’m sure they’re unique and impressive even for you.

  1. Modern Presentations Ready for 16:9 Aspect Ratio

With the normal Presentation templates in 4:3 aspect ratio, whenever you open your presentations up on a modern projector, the aspect ratio gets messed up and a lot of projector-screen space is wasted.

To address this issue, SlideHunter provides modern presentation templates using the 16:9 format compatible with widescreen projectors.

  1. Simple Downloading Process

There are hundreds of platforms and online resources out there providing us with PowerPoint templates no doubt.  But the sad part is that most of them either require a membership, or a survey pops up before the download. In you can download the free PowerPoint templates using two different ways.

One way is to subscribe for free which enables you to download the content after validating your account. The other possible way is to share the template on your favorite social networks and help to spread the word about the site and that will enable the download button to start downloading the .pptx file. Free PowerPoint Templates for Business Presentations

The download process with is a one-click process.

All you’ve to do to unlock the download button is, click on the unlock button from any of the given options such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Designing a slide template in PowerPoint could take time, depending on the complexity and content you would need to add, but it would take us hardly 5 seconds to click on the button and promote them (and initiate the download!). So, I would say it is a win-win for us. Just click on any of those buttons. Free PowerPoint Templates for Business Presentations

And you’d get the download link instantly. Free PowerPoint Templates for Business Presentations

  1. Lesser time consumed being confused with the kind of template to go with

Before I learn about, I used to spend roughly 50% of my total presentation design time trying to decide if a certain template will suit the theme or purpose of the presentation.  Some were not good with the colors, some had absurd pictures and stuff like that.

But when I found this site, basically what happened is that now I know that the templates there are made for business purpose primarily and very easy to edit in major versions of PowerPoint, as the graphics are created with shapes. Aside of their compatibility with Microsoft Office, you can also open the presentations in LibreOffice or Keynote.

So, I can pick just about any template and also I can be sure that it will suit my business presentation needs because that is what it has been made for in the first place. One of the best things is that most of the templates are compatible with major presentation tools.

Final words

So that is how you can get free PowerPoint templates for business presentations with a high level of flexibility from I am pretty sure there were enough reasons to intrigue you.

And additionally, it is a free platform, so what have you got to loose for giving them a try? Do try SlideHunter out and let me know how your experience was.