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How to Use Facebook to Make Your App Reach Millions

With over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users, the platform has become one of the most populated social media platforms of the world, which is also becoming the INTERNET giant with its US ad revenues being estimated to be more than the traditional media companies, globally.

For a platform that single-handedly brings the world in one place, Facebook should be there as a part of your app marketing strategy. However, generating a high ROI through Facebook promotion is not as easy as it sounds, all because of the level of competition there. Like you there would be a lot many companies finding ways to be popular on Facebook; so how do you ensure you be on top? Trust your app development company to follow these practices…

Now to start there are two ways in which you can approach the ideal Facebook promotion strategy – Paid and Free. We will discuss both, with the paid option coming in the picture a little later, mainly because you don’t have to put a lot of your efforts there.

How to Use Facebook to Make Your App Reach Millions

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So let’s first start with how to get your app installs and engagement purely from your efforts –

  • Have a Facebook Page

While it’s a little given, not many companies have invested in creating a page yet. So the first step is to create a page that would have all the details of your app along with the screenshot and video tutorials, etc. You can/should use this page to answer user queries and to inform them of the upcoming offers or discounts.Make sure that you are active on this page and are making posts every day, keep a ratio of 3 to 4 posts for the app page of yours.

  • Enable the status sharing option in your app

You can promote your app without even making a page by pushing your users to share their status- game level, new offer, latest purchase, etc. on Facebook. This will take your app to the circle of every one of your user.You can also offer some discount or freebies or even a mention on the app, for anyone who tags or mentions you on social media.

  • Utilize the power of Groups

This point is more valid for those looking to create app engagement. The right approach is to add groups that belong to your app niche and interact with them, not necessarily about your app, but also about the industry.You can share general industry insight or simply discuss the problems that the industry faces before pitching in your app as a solution.

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Now once you gain popularity in the groups, you can even think about opening your own industry specific group to talk about the people and industry in general, while promoting your app simultaneously.This is it about the free ways that you can incorporate in your Facebook promotion strategy. Now let’s come to the paid way –

There is only one paid way to get attention on your app through Facebook – Facebook Adverts. The deep segmentation, variety of advertising formats, and the placing of your ad in the News feed helps in increasing the download number along with the engagement and retention of the app users.

Now Facebook offers adverts in two modes – for getting app installs and for getting engagement on the app. The call to action in both cases will vary with one asking users to get an app on their device and the other prompting them to interact with the app (through watching videos or commenting or availing an offer).

In both the cases, you only have to make an ad copy and select your target audience demographics and then let Facebook do its job.  Now that you know both the ways, remember that it would need time and constant monitoring to see what is working for your app. So have a little patience and be prepared to do some A/B testing before you start seeing changes in your app numbers.